Yet another (quality) reblog as time escapes me yet again for the second time this week. This time I share with you a chance to win a book so get involved over at Mike’s site.

Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

It’s time to win a signed, hardcover copy my new picture book: Scampers Thinks Like A Scientist!

Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist is the book that received a five-star review from Foreward Reviews. It’s the book that nabbed a glowing notice from the difficult-to-please Kirkus. And it’s the book that stars the cutest mouse in the history of ever.

Oh. My. God. Just look at that widdle face!

So let’s get started!

How To Enter

To enter the Scampers drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment below that answers this question:

Which fictional character would you most want to have as a next-door neighbor?

That’s it! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the random drawing for Scampers!

But Wait!

Do you already have a copy of Scampers? That’s great! Thank you!

Enter the contest anyway.

After all, if you win, you can…

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13 Replies to “WIN SCAMPERS!”

    1. It’s a really fun question to answer and of course supporting fellow bloggers is always a pleasurable thing to do. It helps that I am so far behind in all things that I need to do that I have little time to write or look for quick posts. This one fell into my lap so everybody is happy!

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  1. Well, since I’m currently reading very little, all I can do is tell you whom I would NOT like to have for next-door neighbors, and that’s George and Martha from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. I guess that’s not a valid answer, since it doesn’t follow the rules, but they’re so unpleasant compared to the cute mouse face above, that they spring to mind (that, and that’s the book–the play, really–that I’m trying to get through for a post right now).


    1. I have never read it but will be most interested to read your post in that case. I can’t remember the last time I read a play, I will have to pick something up as I never got around to reading Waiting for Godot as you suggested a year or two back.


  2. I love this book! I’ve bought two copies. One for me and one for my four-year-old grandson 😀 LOL and wrote a couple of reviews too.


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