Doing the Universe of Good

A few months ago I watched with amusement at the resulting celebrations rising from the announcement that the Philippines had yet again won Miss Universe.  Putting my book down for a few moments – a struggle such as that was – I joined the party because it meant a chance of free food!

A couple of things of late have reminded me about Catriona Gray, firstly Ren’s post on Filipino films, especially Buy Bust which is set in Tondo, and secondly, the below music video, again set in Tondo, where Miss U does a lot of charity work.  It gives an insight into one of the areas so often glossed over when people talk about the Philippines.

The last question posed on finals night was, What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life and how will you apply it to your time as Miss Universe?  Her answer:

I work a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila and the life there is very… it’s poor and it’s very sad. And I’ve always taught myself to look for the beauty in it; to look in the beauty in the faces of the children, and to be grateful. And I would bring this aspect as a Miss Universe to see situations with a silver lining, and to assess where I could give something, where I could provide something as a spokesperson. And this I think if I could also teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children will have a smile on their faces.

25 Replies to “Doing the Universe of Good”

    1. I thought she was hazy, so to speak, on her reasons why marijuana should only be medicinal but when it comes to going where the help is needed, she is an inspiration.

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      1. SteJ , both my parents are pharmacists… they are vey positive about the medicinal values and efficacy of marijuana. They studied this plant extensively.


        1. I agree with that. It was more her follow up statement that seemed like a half endorsement of legalising but that may not have been a vote winner. I’m in favour of legalisation as long as it is regulated properly.


    1. I read somewhere that she has been doing the work in Tondo for years, it isn’t just something to do with awards in mind, which is even more impressive. I’d give her a high five if our paths ever crossed.

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  1. If someone actually goes out and does something to make the world a better place instead of just saying what ought to be done then I’m a fan. Thank you for introducing this young woman to me, Ste J.


  2. l love when you are saying : “And I’ve always taught myself to look for the beauty in it; to look in the beauty in the faces of the children, and to be grateful. ” I agree with you, there is always something beautiful amongt the ugly. That is why it is so beautiful also.


    1. Like You and Catriona, I agree there is always beauty of some sort to be found, it just requires a different viewpoint, and sometimes a bit of work to bring the beauty forth.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this post after watching with me her music video. I think that she really represented the Philippines excellently beyond the Ms. Universe coronation night! This shows how education has become a privilege more than a right here in our country. Something that should be changed little by little and allow children to study and learn.

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    1. That’s scary, education not being a right. Western schools have little interest in promoting critical thinking in students but at least open up schools to all. In fact try to compel people to go to school in a lot of cases. The war on home tutoring seems to be raging these days, which is worrying enough but to not have access to education is shocking. All we can do is find ways to engage kids and help them in whatever way we can.

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