Viridian Gate Online

An extinction-level asteroid is cannonballing toward Earth. In humanity’s final hours, a lucky few earn a one-way ticket to the brand-new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. Making that leap of faith might mean survival, but it comes with a steep price tag: “Travelers” will forever be stranded as digital avatars inside a fantastical world filled with vicious monsters, all-powerful AIs, and cutthroat players. Let the games begin…

Recently I have been dipping my toes in something a bit different from my usual literary tastes.  As someone with little enough time for gaming, it is perhaps best that I live that life vicariously through the means of a humble book.

Having got my hands on two of the nine books in the Viridian Gate Online series, so far,  I am looking forward to immersing myself in this virtual world, whilst sagely nodding along to references that I may or may not quite get.

As the ever long, and still growing list of books continues to weigh heavy on my time, and my shelves, never let it be said that I don’t keep stretching my boundaries, in new and interesting directions.

Thanks to James. A. Hunter, and J. D. Harpley for securing me these copies, reviews will be coming just as soon.

18 Replies to “Viridian Gate Online”

  1. Except for a couple of Rick Riordan’s books, I haven’t read anything in this genre. Done reading a memoir, Michelle Obama’s Becoming.


    1. It’s something new for me but I am hoping that I will be satisfied at the end of my reading. My political interests thankfully don’t cover first ladies, although Madame Caucșescu could be an interesting subject to read up on.

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    1. Its a good way of getting people to read which is always a good thing, and it does have certain psychological, not to mention philosophical ideas that can be mined as well, which can lead to some intriguing ideas on life, AI, and such.

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      1. I totally agree with that, especially with how much more popular gaming is becoming and how exciting the future prospects of technological advancement are as well. I think writers can make great stories using this.


        1. I have a particularly fondness for those waking simulators, the ones that tell a story as you wander around such as What Remains of Edith Finch. Interactive novels could well be a way forward, a bit like Black Mirror did with Bandersnatch. I’m now excited for technology, a sentence I rarely use.

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    1. Looking forward to really getting into them. At the moment I am reading four books but I love jumping between them and re-focusing. It seems to make me a better reader, strangely.

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  2. What an interesting (but terrifying!) premise for a story and a world! We’ll all be eager, I’m sure, for your reviews. I notice that the first book has a male protagonist, while the second seems to have a female protagonist. A lot of people don’t think about it, instantly assuming that “second but equal” is good enough for women, but in actual scientific fact, it’s the male character who should be second, because all embryos are first female, then differentiate into male sometimes. And now, having said my piece for sex and gender, let’s have at those intriguing books you’ve selected!


    1. The premise is fun, it gets the reader into a world but opens up many possibilities with the premise, as shown by all the authors involved. The book order was purely down to which one came to hand first, not only that but the second book is a full novel with a female as protagonist, rather than the anthology style of the first. I noticed Crissy has a psychology textbook which I may turn my attention to later in the year.


  3. I never read anything like this, but like you, I always enjoy the chance to push some boundaries. This series sounds intriguing and I look forward to dipping my toe in…!


    1. I’ve started the anthology and am around 30% in. I am enjoying myself so far and looking forward to getting to complete at least one of the books this week. I do love a good boundary widening!

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    1. I haven’t read Ready Player One, or seen the resulting film. I did think of it when I first read the blurb for the series though.


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