An Anniversary, a Birthday, and a Huge Surprise!

Recently Crissy and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and before I made my way to Manila on the afternoon of the 28th Jan, a bunch of 99 red roses were duly delivered to the Philippine Airlines offices, to make a statement.

Travelling to Manila is always an ordeal, standing for an indeterminate amount of time under the beating midday sun, with little to no shade.  This time made more interesting by the two pickpockets, who assumed that I had no idea what they were doing.  I had to suppress a snigger every time they checked a box off of my mental checklist of Robber Form; shuffle surreptitiously near target, separate, distract, engage in conversation to show no threat, etc.

Leaving these two inept thieves behind, I got on a van which took the scenic route to Mall of Asia.  The highlight of the journey being when the driver attempted to thread our van through the eye of a needle, that being a concrete wall and speeding articulated lorry, it was pretty fun actually!

Its been a great year, reflecting on the adventures as I made my way around MOA, I thought of the build up to the ceremony a year to the day, then the wedding itself and the people who attended. The adventures had since.  I also had time to read a bit of book as well.

Heading to posh casino Solaire (chosen partly because it has a free bus to and from Mall of Asia, we are by nature frugal people) later that day, we get to our buffet restaurant early and took advantage of the photo ops whilst it was quiet.

There was plenty of food, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and most excitingly Indian.  I did burn my hand trying to get at the curry, as the staff had neglected to put a protector on the metal pan lid.  The complimentary drinks and chocolate cake for our anniversary (enterprisingly mentioned in an email weeks before) made up for that though.

After such a wonderful anniversary, we also attended a birthday party of one of Crissy’s ex-work colleagues, which contained five of our bridesmaids too.

It would be greedy to expect any other good news but then we found out we are expecting our first child!  So another new chapter opens almost a year since the last one. Next year will need to work even harder to top what this year holds!

Photos thanks to Crissy, dog marshalling, and choice of book (You Can Never Run Out of Love) picked by me for our child’s extensive future library.

54 Replies to “An Anniversary, a Birthday, and a Huge Surprise!”

  1. Many, many congratulations on all your wonderful news. A glorious year past and a fabulous adventure ahead. Sending much love to you both. X


    1. Thank you! Crissy is indeed a Filipina, we like to be international. I will try and write more about Manila and other places, when I find time between all the panicking about baby haha.

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  2. This is such a happy post, Steve. Congratulations for everything, and best wishes for a new phase of your life.
    After having made your acquaintance, I’ve witnessed (virtually though) you getting married, and now the baby. Really happy for you and Cris.


    1. Thank you! We are excited to see what the year brings us, and beyond. We will save a lot of our travelling for when our baby is born, as its never too early to have life experiences.

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  3. Dear Ste J and Crissy, So wonderful, so awesome, such a great collection of good news! And of course, the baby tops it all. Congratulations to you guys. Won’t the dogs just love having a baby face to lick, and the cats a nice warm little body to curl up with and nap. Keep us up to date with your adventures.


    1. Thank you. The last year and a bit have been crazy good with all the wonderful happenings. We know our child will be a big animal lover, especially with out menagerie. Had we not found out we were pregnant, Crissy had planned to buy another dog as a gift for our anniversary. We are never without a full house amd it’s never a dull moment.


  4. Whoo-hoooo! Congratulations on two major life changes, with an anniversary and parents-to-be announcement! Now you’ll have lots of use for picture book recommendations! Best wishes!!!


    1. Yes! I think I will be trawling through your previous posts (whilst keeping up with the new ones) for some great, and adventurous literature. The library I didn’t expect to rebuild looks like it will be booming again soon.

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  5. First. I like how you write, my man. I know you’ve started to write, and I want to tell you that I enjoy reading your accounts. Of course the far-flung twists and turns of your private life are an additional pleasure to read. After all, we’ve blog known each other for a few years. So, I am very happy for you and Wish you and your family good health and all the blessings I can muster up.


    1. Why thank you, sirrah! It’s been a good few years together on the blog now, you were the first person to send me a book to review and I still have it, due for a reread, and in good company on the front.

      Next up is actually getting to that first novel, in a sustainable way, unlike the wayward schedule of late. I will have a think outside the box for more Philippines posts, rather than just relating my adventures which will be less ranging when baby comes along, for a time.

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      1. All in good time. But you do write well – which is something I think even you were unaware of. All the best with the writing. And with everything.


        1. The planning is going well, finding lots of inconsistencies in what I’ve written, early. I’m never really happy with what I’ve written, maybe only in a handful of blog posts but I keep on at it. Maybe one day, I will be satisfied, or less picky. Appreciate your words my good friend!

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            1. Lucky man, finding the time! If I ever made it rich, I would always write with a quill to be pretentious, unless I got called Harry Potter, then I’d stop in an instant.

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  6. What fabulous news; congratulations to you both. A good year, and a baby! 🙂
    This was certainly a good news update. I love your puppies (I know their fully grown, but, I always see them as puppies). And what a great looking restaurant. The food looks delicious; and the group photo is wonderful.


    1. Thank you, it is indeed the start of a wonderful year.

      Rambo and Rexie don’t eat like puppies, they are obsessed with food, which includes charcoal, sticks and leaves, and brush handles. The restaurant was really posh, it’s in one of the big Casino’s in Manila, the food was wonderful and it was a high quality place, I felt so under dressed and casual. I’m a proper commoner haha.

      In the Philippines, photos are a constant, most stessful are the ones when you are hungry, and the food is getting cold but three phones are passed to the waiters for photos. I just want to eat!

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  7. I am so far behind on reading blogs. I was expecting to congratulate you on your first wedding anniversary but now see that a much larger pat on the back is due you and Crissy. I am thrilled for you both!!!


    1. Thank you my friend! It’s been one heck of a year and this coming one looks to be even more so. we are already looking at where to travel to next year as we need to get out and about as a family and have experiences. The future is exciting.

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