We’re Walking in the Air

This time last year, had it been suggested I would be flying back to England for a vacation so soon, I would have doubted it but as I am reminded each day, you really can’t plan ahead in the Philippines.

Now returning with some of the Filipino side of the family in tow, for a few weeks in the cold, in late December, it will be very intriguing to see England through the new and fresh eyes.  It will be a relief to leave the mosquitoes behind as well.

Flying for around 14 hours on the new Airbus A350 (shown off above with a neat introductory book that has a pop up plane in the middle), reminds me with a shudder of the ‘joys’ of prolonged air travel and the dramas of avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis. 

I was reminded of the duration – and its enduring – recently, after our trip to Cebu last Thursday (photos coming soon) which only took an hour but retained the usual stress one feels of getting to the airport on time and being yelled out to remove your belt, despite not wearing one.

As the mad rush starts to hit, work deadlines, get some clothes that fit – having shed much weight this year – as well as all the other preparations, one of my priorities needs to be to get as tanned as possible so family and friends don’t think I’ve been hiding out in Slough for the year.


28 Replies to “We’re Walking in the Air”

  1. Your passport is getting a bit faded there – I’d get a hard cover to protect it if I were you. Obviously not one of those insane ones that mimic the dark blue covers of days of yore, though! My last one had lost all the gold ink off the cover by the end.


  2. You and your family on both sides have a great and safe Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy the feel of being back on your native stomping ground, where, after a bit of the ice and cold of this year, I predict even mosquitoes will start to seem friendly again!


  3. Amazing! Have a fab time with your new family. I’m sure they will love it, along with you. I don’t envy you the flight. Nonetheless, it is all very exciting!
    PS Finished the new Art Gown post….” if ” you get any time.


    1. I will be around before the end of the week to both your blogs, my friend. The flight will give me chance to binge on one hit wonders of the 90’s such is my flying soundtrack.

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      1. Well, it is an interesting category for fun listening, but I still can’t stand Duran Duran! Okay, they had a few hits, but not in my mind. Have a fab flight!


    1. Only a week to go now, I am already relishing a few hours dozing, listening to one hit wonders from the 90’s on my archaic MP3 player. I wish you a very merry Christmas too, because it’s never too early.

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    1. Sadly not, in fact I was less tanned than people who had just been on holiday and people who had last been on holiday six months ago. I’m not sure how I managed that when its sunny most days of the year here.

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    1. Yes, everything was sorted prior to flying and I even got over a mild illness the day before than rendered a four line email, the job of a whole day. It was tough but I made it and we had an awesome time away.

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        1. They loved it, the ease of walking was a big factor, self scan checkouts and most interestingly, they loved the cold. It was great to show them around parks, country houses, and various pubs. Photos will be up at some point, hopefully in the next week.

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