Time for a Change

Take That once sing that ‘everything changes but you’.  Aside from the inaccuracy of that statement, I am choosing to agree with the inevitability of it, (as if it’s a choice) and making a few alterations accordingly.

Photo taken by Crissy when we accidentally got invited for a tour of a new resort that had opened locally.   Happy accidents are a regular occurrence, of late.

After years with the old ‘Choco’ blog theme, it’s finally time to retire it and opt for something new.  I kept the old theme purely because I like the snow effect that comes along near Christmas and white doesn’t show it up.

Having spent a lot of time making an effort to fiddle with the various templates and settings, it becomes apparent that a lot of the free templates are basically just the same thing.  Still the illusion of a big selection isn’t to bothersome, when finally coming across one that can be tailored sufficiently to my needs. And is free, of course.

This, then is the result.

With a nice big photo at the top – which should randomise each time, if I have understood the button correctly –  its intention being to inspire travel and/or  jealousy.  Actual book photos will be added in at some point as books sometimes appear on the blog too.

A slightly bigger font is in evidence thanks to my rubbish eyes, and to complete it, an SJW friendly, non white background, for the above mentioned festive season reasons.

27 Replies to “Time for a Change”

    1. Then my pick is a success! I wanted a theme where I could display photos, that was the main concern then to keep all the widgets and pages on. I’m not decided on the background colour yet so that may change from time to time.

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  1. I was wondering…how like you to have actually sprung the change on us several posts ago, only to explain it now! You do like your surprises. Hi! to Crissy and the menagerie. My cat just recovered (after much medical home treatment from me, on the advice of my vets) from a corneal ulcer, like a queen, with no apparent permanent damage. She put up with such things as drops and ointment in the eyes, two pills a day down the throat, being bathed with a warm, damp washcloth, having to wear a cone around her head for a week (which was the reason for the bathing with washcloth, since she was getting so frustrated at being unable to bathe herself), and other such interference with a cat’s proper way of life. I seem to be more exhausted than she. And she still loves me–go figure! I don’t love me very much, but I know it was necessary, and I’m glad to know that there are solutions and things to resort to if necessary. We here in the States are getting ready for Thanksgiving three days from now (on Thursday), and so I’ll bid you happy turkey day, even though it’s not an international holiday. What the hay, I’ve celebrated Guy Fawkes Day before (but I might not be spelling it correctly).


    1. You managed to get your cat to swallow pills, I am impressed! I’m sure she appreciated all the attention afterwards though. I shall celebrate your Thanksgiving by flying to another island (Cebu) tomorrow. I missed the fireworks this year, I had a hankering for hotdogs and a cool night, I got neither. I was tempted to wait until the new year but thought that was way too long to wait and forced me to get back on here, finally!


        1. Cebu was wonderful, we have lots of photos so will get them posted sometime this week with my thoughts. Sadly I didn’t get to use the zip line between two high rises but maybe next time.

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  2. It was so disconcerting when I clicked the link! I thought I had the wrong blog if not for the title lol It’s SO different! I really liked the old one, but I also really like the header on this one 🙂

    Being the color-sensitive artist I am, I’m sending a couple of “color swatches” for you to consider for your green (better matches for the header) IF you’re able to customize your background should you like one of the colors 🙂 Of course, if you’re happy with what you’ve got–ignore me! lol


    1. I picked this one mainly for the header. I think change is good, especially when it comes back to me when I’ve paid for something!

      I got your email and have since changed the colour a tad as the header, which is randomised, has more photos with green in than anything so it makes sense to change it to something more matching. Thank you for the colours, although being colour blind, I am largely clueless with it!


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