My Mail Privilege

After a long, long wait thanks to shenanigans at the local Post Office, I finally have my hands on two new books, kindly sent by authors from England and The United States, respectively. If there is anything to get me back to blogging again, then these packages will certainly be the catalyst.

First off, South of the South Wind is a children’s book that I am very excited to read. Long time readers will know that I have been enchanted with the other books in the series and so this one is, for me a must read. At first glance the book has changed publisher and therefore style, it also smells really good. In the back, there are reviews for some of Nils-Johan’s other books and an excerpt of my review for West of the West Wind is in there, much to my excitement. This has shamelessly been shown off to anybody who came to our house in the last week.

Ocean Echoes came, most probably, the other way around the globe, making me the filling in a book sandwich. Fellow blogger Sheila Hurst sent this and I am now officially the furthest place her book has been sent to, beating both Serbia and the Maldives. The book smells differently, but equally good and the back cover tells the reader that: a percentage from the sale of this book will go toward nonprofit organizations working to protect the world’s oceans for future generations. Once again showing how books can and do make a difference, and how independent authors seek to not only tell a good story (and make a bit of money), but also do their part in highlighting and helping with wider issues.

16 Replies to “My Mail Privilege”

    1. I was very excited to finally get a hold of them, I had been waiting ages and was worried that they may both have gotten lost in transit. I was extremely happy to get my nose into them and inhale deeply…and then some!


  1. I too have had a blogging lull, and yes, nothing helps boost enthusiasm quite like exciting new books 🙂 It’s almost a medicinal requirement.


    1. I am jealous of the ease in which you can acquire books you want quickly but I am still rereading the books I hauled over (it turns out that the airline I was on don’t weigh laptop bags, I did and it was double the weight of my backpack full of books. Such is my need to bring as many with me as possible. I am looking to get back on it more now, what with only living once and all that.


  2. You’re easy to please! Whereas brides and grooms in the U. S. (according to the news channels, at least) have been eagerly incorporating the newly legal weed into their ceremonies and celebrations, you have chosen the finally infinitely more rewarding (because capable of being inhaled more than once per purchase!) books, which delight also many of the senses, through the senses of sight, smell, touch of the page, etc. Hell, I guess you could even lick the pages if you wanted to, as long as you wiped them off afterwards so they wouldn’t stick together. Literacy is a wonderful thing!


    1. I read somewhere that the chemical used to coat the pages to make them durable is actually very mildly hallucinogenic, maybe books should come with a health warning. I am really easy to please, a coffee,some nice food, a view if we can find one, and a book. Sorted!

      I can understand the bride and groom wanting to calm down before the ceremony but I would also want to be fully lucid for it as well.


  3. One of the many books I have on the go at the moment is Rachel Carson’s excellent The Sea Around Us. There is something so very restorative about anything to do with water – being in it, near it and even just reading about it. So I am instinctively drawn to Sheila’s book, which sounds super.


    1. The sea is wonderful, so many different states and always inspiring. I will have to look up The Sea Around Us at some point point. I shall review Sheila’s book as soon as I can get around to reading it.

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    1. I certainly do, books give me so many opportunities and it nice to do my bit to give back. I’ve already read South of the South Wind, a review will follow soon!


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