Music to Write By #7 I Believe in a Thing Called Love/Love is Only a Feeling

Recently I have started a new job as a manuscript editor so this month has been busy especially as my ARC pile is significant, with reviews coming soon.  I’ve also been concerned with reading other books for fun, as well as being inducted as a member to the Kiwanis International charity. There has been less writing and more reading this month, making the title for this post a little inaccurate but I am a maverick like that.

My usual reading soundtrack is ambient music from the game Skyrim (usually the rainy nights video) but I did have to take a few minutes out  when the next random,surprising given my last choice, YouTube video came on. Heading back in time, as I so often do, with ridiculous, rock band – although still not on a level with Steel Panther – The Darkness.  After their hit, I Believe in a Thing Called Love, came Love is Only a Feeling, underlining the band’s frivolity, if ever it were in doubt (there was also an album track called Love on the Rocks With No Ice, as well).

Memories of Monday’s in Wetherspoons aside, the video is over the top rock, with an ostentatious setting and replete with circling helicopter shots, that are usually only found in a martial arts films where people inexplicably scale such mountains to punch air.

I couldn’t resist looking at the ludicrously fun video for I Believe in a Thing Called Love as well, which pays homage to Queen, general campness, old Sci-Fi and giant Crabs which are always a favourite of this blog.

To those who wish to point out mistakes in the blog and ask why an editor missed them, I will claim all such mistakes are ironic, or that I only edit when I am getting paid, so there.


20 Replies to “Music to Write By #7 I Believe in a Thing Called Love/Love is Only a Feeling”

  1. May your blue pen be always sharpened!
    I love the Darkness too. I believe that rock and pop should be preposterous and fun, and they were both – with some great tunes too.


    1. Bands that take themselves seriously are always less memorable, it’s the same with bands or to a certain extent literature (those crabs!). There is enough seriousness in the world and not enough high pitched notes.


  2. Congratulations on the new job! Are you working for a company or freelancing? If the latter, drop me a line with what your specialisms are and I should be able to send some stuff your way. Great song, thanks for the earworm!


    1. I am freelancing and so will drop you an email shortly. I am lining up plenty more earworms thanks to copious amounts of YouTube these days.


  3. Hey, Ste J! Hi to Crissy and the kids (read: animal kids). Hope you guys are having a good season so far. We are starting our fall season here, and will kick it off with our first “nor’easter” this coming weekend. Yuck! Rain and winds. But what I really mean is “Yuck! Possible power outages for several hours on Saturday….” I hate power outages. How can I loaf in comfort if I can’t make coffee? Anyway, stay as cool as you are (I suppose that dates me. I should probably say “Stay as rad as you are,” or whatever new expression there is. But you will know, and can plug it in in the space). I too am a lover of Queen, which your music is a dedication to, and just bought their three-volume set of “Greatest Hits”; I can’t wait for their new movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” to come out (due in a couple of weeks over here). Have a great one. Happy Halloween.


  4. Brilliant news re the new job, well done. I like the accompaniment of these epic tracks! Talking of homages to Queen, I am going to see the new Bohemian Rhapsody film next week to which the word ‘epic’ also looks as if it might apply!


    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to Bohemian Rhapsody as well, I watched a YouTube video where the actor (I forget his name, the one from the excellent Mr Robot) and he was playing piano and doing all the mannerisms in perfect time. That attention to detail got me hyped.

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  5. It’s a curse, editors always have to be perfect. I expect your shopping lists to be the pinnacle of grammatical excellence. Sometimes at work I see things teachers have written with the odd wrong apostrophe, and they incur the same level of unfair expectation. 😉


    1. I am taking the approach that if I am not being paid for the blog I can be a bit slovenly. Although reading past posts always makes me cringe so I try to just write and move on. Failing that I just blame it on Brexit.

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    1. Thank you! If it helps I do, on occasion edit comments but not because of my job but rather that I know the feeling of sending a comment with a mistake in and it makes me happy if I correct it to ease the mind of the commenter.

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  6. Ste J, I find that your new job is so suited for you, I can’t imagine you’re not happy getting to play with words that way 😀 Yay! A BIG congrats!

    I know I used to listen to certain soundtracks for mood while writing, but discovered–at least for concentration, in general–the sound of a rainstorm does it for me ( ). I find it to be the perfect, non-distracting “back fill” (as I call it). I found there are also a surprising number of long-playing videos on YouTube of a variety of ambiance sounds like all types of rain sounds, ocean, fireplaces, etc.

    And back when I was able to spend my days in the B&N cafe, I discovered I liked the random noises that–MOST of the time–were great back fill. A good 15 years ago I had the idea to record it so I could have that same sound ambiance at home, so when I discovered (maybe 6 or 7 years ago) that someone did it, I got SO excited 😀 ( )

    And you mentioning Skyrim–my boyfriend, who is a (sadly addicted) gamer, introduced me to that and other amazing game soundtracks. Are you also familiar with “Baba Yetu” (“Our Father”) from Civilization IV? I LOVE the entire album! I wouldn’t use it for reading or writing though because, even though I don’t understand the words, I sing along and my focus is on the music itself. Here’s the title track/theme for the game in many versions including Live:


    1. I will check out those links, thank you! I do love a rainy or windswept soundtrack, although the typhoons here give me that sometimes anyway. I know what you mean about random noises, here it is dogs barking, people walking by, or neighbours chatting and the occasional vehicle. There are also sellers who walk around shouting their wares, from fried banana to salt, or internet providers and such. It is a nice mix. I forgot to mention the palm trees, they make a lovely sweeping sound too!

      I never played past Civ 2 as my computer wasn’t too good back in the day but I will give it a listen, it may inspire me to play it one day. Ah, if time permits I would love to play it. The modern and nostalgic combining, what could be more of a treat!


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