Music to Write By #6 – This is England

How YouTube comes up with its recommendations based on what you are listening to, I cannot fathom but this week after plenty of upbeat music, I was suddenly plunged back in time to 1980’s England with this wonderfully moving piece from Ludovico Einaudi.  Then surfaced memories of first watching this film – with all its impact – and the accompanying series, including a second three series binge watch with Tom over a weekend.

I was once in a queue, three people back from the lady on the right of the gang, loaded with alcohol and one packet of plain rice, I am glad she didn’t turn round and wonder at what my night was going to be like.  Anyway, if anybody is wanting to watch some powerful drama with great characters, this is truly a film (and series) to make you laugh and hit with you some challenging story lines.

On the writing front, this week has involved doing a lot of varying things including thinking of actually trying to focus on one thing at a time, which is hard to do with a lot of books that need reviewing and more being sent every day it seems.  I, of course remain grateful but what with all the other future plans, I need to start clearing the backlog whilst pursuing my own goals.  To that end I am currently fighting the urge to binge watch The is England again…

Perhaps I will just play this music and pity myself for so much good fortune.

8 Replies to “Music to Write By #6 – This is England”

  1. When I started my blog, I did accept review copies for a while but I soon stopped. The problem is you start getting bombarded with new books by publishers and the vast majority of them are nowhere near as good as the books you really want to read. I gave up, retained my independence and am much happier as a result. Life is too short.

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    1. I am pretty picky with the books I choose, usually its through authors emailing themselves, or NetGalley or something such but I’ve never really suffered too much, just timing at the moment. It is nice to have the freedom to travel where I want in the book world, and sadly life is too short for that!

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  2. “This is England” strikes me as a better bet in some ways than NetGalley. After I reviewed one book for NetGalley, I understood by the rules on their platform that I could apply to review others. So, I applied. They turned me down flat in spite of my qualifications to do so for about 3 books in a row that I volunteered to review. So, I washed them out of my plans. Now, every so often they are sending me a notice that they have something I might be interested in reviewing. I say, they can’t have it both ways: either they’re going to let me do it or not, and I don’t have time to fool around with them!

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    1. The criteria with which reader are chosen does seem strange sometimes. I think it may be the individual companies that choose who is best placed to review but it can seem arbitrary. A company let me review a book but turned me down for another of the same genre which was perplexing, although the book I reviewed got a tepid review from me so perhaps they wanted to go with somebody who would be less picky. Whatever the reason, I lost interest a short time of signing up, I also now have too much other stuff to read now so the pile is getting huge again.

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  3. When I was young anything from the seventies and eighties, especially if it featured drizzly streets, steamed-up buses, donkey jackets, kids with messy hair, Cortinas and brown leather jackets depressed me immensely, and I’d have never watched any of the This Is Englands. Now sufficient time has passed I love a bit of Sheffield council estate and pubs with plastic chairs 🙂

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  4. Pretty much anything by Einaudi is perfect for background listening, and this is no exception – a lovely track. I can’t recall coming across This is England so will have to track it down sometime.

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    1. It is a god film and TV series, it does deal with some pretty challenging themes sometimes and isn’t afraid to shy away from them but the actors are just so good. Certainly worth a watch.

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