Stop Politicising My Dumplings!

It’s Monday and catching up on the YouTube I follow after a few day’s absence was predictably depressing.  There was a ‘woke’ BBC sketch (this is the BBC that has admitted it would never commission something like Monty Python these days) that has been doing the rounds recently which was mildly amusing – at best – but (and although I don’t always agree with him) this Jonathan Pie tirade really gets the message across in a much more forceful way.

It’s a much-needed rant and I believe he speaks for many sane people on the subject, just with more expletives.  We only get one life, we should concentrate on saving the culture as well as the physical planet.  It would be great to hold all these virtue signallers to account and mock them mercilessly – as nobody has the right not to be offended – but if you notice, more and more websites are disabling or deleting comments that echo Mr Pie’s…funny that.

17 Replies to “Stop Politicising My Dumplings!”

  1. Thanks for this video, Ste J. Yes. This needs to be said. I am sick of history being re-written, authors (like Laura Ingalls Wilder) being castigated for their different values etc etc. I had no idea anyone had had the courage to complain about all the perpetually offended people who think they are speaking for me.

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    1. It seems to me that the people that indulge in being offended seem more intent in easy targets like LIW because she is long dead and they clearly don’t understand context. You would think their time would be better spent, for example, highlighting the horrors of female genital mutilation but, of course, nobody can speak out about that for fear of being given a label by the same people complaining about an old book.

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  2. It’s taken me a while to get caught up on my blog reading. As I was listening to this Ste J, I thought just how spot-on it was. I am so weary of what is happening in our country. I can’t believe I am still shocked by anything that comes out of our politicians’ (or their loyal followers) mouths. I have never used so many expletives these past two years.


    1. I wonder how much calmer would the debates be if the media weren’t as terrible as it is. Maybe there would be less of these u=emotionally under developed people being mad at dead people for a start.

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      1. Outwardly, I sound like a liberal , but inwardly, I feel like I’m a full- blown conservative in so many ways…. I follow the laws of the land, though it’s up to us , we, the people, to change those that are clearly unjust .. And you are right, there are s o many who abuse the priviledges of liberalism… I can give so many examples of these, things that I’ve seen with my own eyes, and , more often than not, make me angry and totally disappointed. I hide these feelings, because liberal..


        1. I think it’s reaching the point where more people are preferring or being pushed towards conservative ways of thinking. This is squarely the fault of how the liberal way of tackling issues is going. I wonder how they would cope in a third world country.

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          1. Third World problems are totally different from First World ones , SteJ. Brazen corruption, hunger, poverty , injustice and violation of human rights are issues that are beyond ” isms”. The people that kicked out the former dictator of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos , were actually the middle class, businessmen, the elite, those that were in the top tier of society. When they ( rich folks from Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village , etc ,and well known businessmen like the Zobels, Ayalas, etc ) started marching in the streets, that signaled the end of Marcos.


            1. I think a lot of those mentioned are also first world problems, they are just subtler for the most part. The problem is the group of liberals that see safe spaces and equality of outcome seem more important than actual issues that need to be tackled. Marcos’ record was heinous to say the least, there isn’t too much to recommend Metro Manila these days but those people were pivotal.

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              1. The US is experiencing 3rd world problems under THIS man’s administration. ( I can’t utter his name… I just can’t ~_~ ) Conservation in the US has gone bonkers and really, really, really stupid. Unbelievably stupid.


                1. The third world problems have been documented for years, I can’t speak to how they are advancing under Trump though. I think both sides mirror each other in their craziness from what I see. Politics in your country is more like a war where everybody is torn down and few people tend to admit when the other side does something that is actually good. There is little wonder that voter apathy is so high.


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