Music to Write By #1 – I Still Believe

When writing – or struggling to think of something to write about –  it’s always easier to focus with some music on in the background so why not introduce – or remind you of – some quality or cheesy music, as well as giving myself some easy content too.  Each week I shall attempt to post a piece of music or a song that has come up on the autoplay with some personal remembrance associated with it, or failing that, a randomly occurring thought or two.

First up is this beauty:

When this came on, I was caught in memories of being first introduced to the brilliant I Still Believe, at local (and awesome) rock pub, The Town Mill. Having never seen The Lost Boys, I recall a hazy Tuesday night confusedly watching my friend Rick doing an impression of oiled up, topless, Tim Cappello on saxophone (check out one minute and ten seconds if you have neither time, or inclination to watch the whole thing), I knew from this bizarre, energetic display of the gyrating man before me that this had to be a must see film, and it was.


40 Replies to “Music to Write By #1 – I Still Believe”

    1. I liked the last line in The Return of the King (the book) ‘Well, I’m back.’. That would have been a really great line to keep in the film as well. I always remember ‘A polar bear fell on me’, ending and summing up Roadhouse.


    1. It’s good 80’s fun, great soundtrack and has the guy in it who played either Bill or Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Good fun all round!


    1. Music always has that power to change moods, I love how it makes an affecting foil to the visuals of film. Much less so for books I find but the fun is in discovering the music that syncs with the reader’s book of choice.

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  1. This was my favourite film for a while when I was young(er), the VHS was rarely back in its box. I also had the soundtrack cassette and I remember it playing while scraping wallpaper. Less fun than oiled up air-sax players, but more practical 😉


      1. I have so much reading to do. Once I finish writing about our most recent trip, I plan to attack my long reading list, and do some heartfelt writing. Take care my friend.


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