Basic Ideas For Living

It needs to be reiterated everyday.  Always listen to all sides of an argument, base your opinions on the facts, not the hearsay and seek out what may be being censored (for those who censor are surely losing the argument).  Never react to the headline, always call out those that base their politics on them, and constantly question what you think you know.


21 Replies to “Basic Ideas For Living”

    1. No matter what beliefs people have, these ‘rules’, s to speak, are handy and make us better at communicating, getting to truth and logical conclusions. Day after day the news becomes worse but following these quotes, it is less cumbersome wading through all the misdirection and so on. I hate sounding like a broken record but it just annoys me, people in the media (and out of it) annoy me.

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      1. They annoy me too. It is often really difficult getting to the truth of the matter (whatever it may be). So many people with their own agendas, so many liars and trouble-makers. I am fine with statements from people who say they don’t know why something happened. I don’t want to hear their opinions which can be misunderstood or taken for fact.


        1. That’s what so much of the news is, opinion pieces dressed up as news. It’s as if enough emotion is gathered up it will somehow count more than facts. I tend to read stories from several different stories and then make my mind up.

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  1. A very wonderful set of quotes. Christopher HItchens must be a fine man (or did he recently pass on, do I remember you telling us that?). Never mind, he lives in perpetuity, and through people like you.

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    1. He died back in 2011 sadly but is one of those voices that will definitely live on. I regularly scour YouTube looking for videos I haven’t seen before, or rewatching the old faves because he is such an eloquent man. His thirst for reading and knowledge, of always challenging and accepting challenges is what makes him such a great role model for the enquiring mind.


  2. So true, Ste J; only this morning I read a headline only to find it was a ‘half-truth’. The other ‘half’, being an omission of truth, slanting the unknowing reader in the direction of agreement with the author…
    Who wants to be ‘right’ under such circumstances? It shows only a bias and a need for power.
    Facts; though they may be hard to swallow at times, have an objectivity that requires no embellishment, exaggeration or emotional backlash..


    1. It would be nice if journalists were held to account for such articles. If you want to sell papers these days report the news, that’s what people want, the facts to be separated from the opinion pieces. Without facts or at least some logical insight into whichever subject is being talked about there seems to be no point in them. Have you noticed how many news sites don’t allow comments anymore, I wonder why that could be?

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  3. He certainly was a great man, lost to us too soon. His kernels of wisdom have always resonated and are more important with each passing day it seems.


    1. It shouldn’t be difficult to follow these simple rules rather than engage in a shouting match with broad statements. That’s what I loved about Hitch he explored everything and never ceased to learn and challenge his beliefs.


  4. He’s definitely the easier to listen of the Hitchens bothers, it must have been mental at their house when Peter found God. Christopher’s sexist comments/articles about women test my ability to compartmentalise my opinion of someone, to not discard all the good because of some bad.


    1. YouTube has a debate between the two and although both were interesting, C Hitch has the better delivery and interested me more. As to his sexist comments, I am only familiar with the women aren’t funny and they don’t have to work if they don’t want to but they can if they like. I think both were based on an evoutionary standpoint but I also think he just liked to troll on occasion too.


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