Cadent Displacement

Taken at the beach of Costa de Oro

Shaded within the trees, nature’s noises, a tranquil soundtrack
A moment’s reflection on a short time, relaxing in an idyllic locale
Sea lapping at the shore, rhythmically punctuates the stillness
Aimless thoughts – no rush – peace; and a cool fruit drink

High above the industrious city, a cacophony of blaring gradually filters up
Life, here thick in smog and noise, a seething mass of kinetic energy
The full force of being in all its verve, the ebb and flow of traffic and people
The purpose in mind means everything, focus, dry throat


Finally found the football stadium, hidden behind some tall residential buildings. Photo taken from Century Park Hotel, Manila

25 Replies to “Cadent Displacement”

    1. It was quite by accident, I was just pointing at random asking ‘what’s that?’at every building and struck lucky. Hopefully that should be kicking off soon so I can enjoy a bit of what I know in person.

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    1. A great mind, ah my friend, you are kind. I will keep learning and experiencing and always look to better myself, maybe then I will have a great mind. I am good and very grateful for the humble electric fan. I hope you are keeping well?

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      1. I’m trying to be well. You do know you have an inquisitive mind and that equals to greatness my friend. I’m still off work, longer than I expected, but strictly on doctor’s orders. I’ll catch up with you soon on PM, loads to discuss.
        Do have a great week!


        1. You put your health first, you can’t do anything without your health, if you need anything, just let me know. Inquisitiveness is the key to civilisation, it allows us to discover so much and I am happy to read all about it and discuss it, of course! Always up for a PM, my friend but your health first, please!

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    1. I don’t think my skills will be up to a dual translation yet but it is something I would like to do in the future, to dual post, or at least have a button that will show my translations. I look forward to speaking Tagalog fluently and then impressing the locals with my not just a rubbish foreigner who hasn’t learnt much of the language, credentials of the moment.


    1. They are incisive, I like to return to them often. If I choose to live by the highest standards, as we all should aim to do, Hitchens is always one of the go to people for pointers.

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  1. I like both, Ste J. A tranquil soundtrack and a cacophony of blaring gradually filters up
    Life. I could certainly do without the smog, though.
    I live and love in a rather calm, countrified area of Oz, however; I always enjoy the hustle and bustle of major cities, too. I don’t know that I could live forever amongst the focus and close bodies entangling. But, excitement does have its place…


    1. Thank you. It’s nice for a visit to the big cities but I enjoy being outside for the main. People watching is nice and the choice of restaurants but I miss my trees and quiet times otherwise. Maybe one day I could live near the beach, now that would be lovely!

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    1. I have been using both to be on the safe side as the Americanised language of the country is a factor but people here call it football so that makes me happy, or perhaps they are just being polite in case they offend the englishman haha.

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  2. Beautiful poem – I love the pairing of opposites while showing the beauty of both. I’m pretty sure I’d rather be where the sea is lapping the shore, listening to nature.


    1. Thank you. The sea definitely wins but if I must be in Manila, I always try to find something to make the trip a worthwhile experience and there is beauty everywhere, it’s just finding it sometimes.

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