Posh Nosh

On my travels I came across this wonderful Swiss restaurant, Vieux Chalet.  Set back far from Manila, in the hills of Antipolo, this charming place brings a slice of Europe to the locals and has a wonderful ambience and setting.  Outside there is a lovely atmosphere of silence, only broken by the sound of nature.  Inside friendly hosts and relaxing music compliment the wonderful food and intimate surroundings, the Beef Filet Mignon is definitely recommended.

There is another reason to head over to the restaurant and that is to photograph the skyline of Manila.  Sadly it was too challenging for my photography skills and the scope of the phone camera too.  The openness of the view is impressive, especially during the sunset and reminds the diner that it is good to be out of busy city and appreciating life in peace.

Then there was this amazing doggie, named Beast. He happily and patiently accepted all of our attentions despite the heat, which must be intolerable in the summer. He was last seen ambling off into the distance to where, we were told by the owners, he knows of a cooler place to rest.  That ambling backside was perhaps the most enduring image of an altogether wonderful experience.


27 Replies to “Posh Nosh”

  1. In Switzerland, they always make fondue using the local cheese so it differs from place to place. When I lived in St Gallen on the Austrian border, they usually used Appenzeller Cheese. I wonder which one they use at the Old chalet? (Probably one from the French-speaking part with that name).


    1. It is as good an excuse an any to go back and find out. I did not know that about Switzerland, impressed to know you lived in yet another country as well.


            1. I wasn’t too in the know, just that it was hot and in the Pacific. We are aiming to go places once a month to explore and we also have a trip abroad planned already for next month but I shall keep that one back for the moment until Crissy has actually got the time off work.


  2. Dear Ste J, Note the little doggie’s two-tone tongue, the sign of the chow. It’s a very enduring gene marker, and persists even when the chow gene gets crossed with several other ones. You are having such a good time–God is punishing you in a very peculiar way for having been a loner at some time in your life before, by giving you an abundance of experiences and friends. Enjoy!


    1. Facts, I crave them, I shall add that to my armoury. We have a lot of plans for heading to other places, which is great and I still get time to focus on reading, writing and language learning as well so life is great! I look forward to each day with its now customary surprises, if that little juxtaposition works.


  3. I love that teddy-bear of a dog! It must get so hot with all that fur! What a lovely place! When we were in Switzerland last summer we visited the Engelburg region and went up Mount Titlis where we were surrounded by hundreds of Indian Bollywood fans visiting the location of many of their favourite films! The restaurant served mainly Indian food and chai was easier to find than coffee!


    1. I love that there is such a cross pollination of food and that it is always found in unexpected places. I love the taste of a new culture, especially when in a culture not yet familiar to me. It feels like a mini holiday within a meal.

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  4. That little dog should be named “Bear” instead of Beast. It’s always a surprise and an honest-to-goodness-treat to find such a restaurant when you least expect it.


    1. I like that his gentle nature belies his name, plus you don’t want to confuse an animal with another one, we call our dog Rambo Shark (due to a popular kid’s song Baby Shark) I think it’s one of the reasons that he is so crazy.

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    1. I am flying with my books at the moment and have a whole host of of local travel posts planned, I am trying to do one a week so I always have plenty to show. It’s exciting times my friend, thank you for journeying with me.


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