And Out the Other Side

To the final post from this wonderful museum and more variety and intriguing works were to be seen,

and to kick things off, there is nothing like a bit of a nod to Europe to start, even it is of the dark days…

I love this painting for really showing not only the imagination of the artist but the crazy ideas we all possess that are waiting to get out.

This one was about an exploding woman made of cheese, if memory serves me correctly.  I prefer the idea of the mainstream traditional media having egg all over themselves thanks to their increasingly questionable news reporting.

A painting of the perfect place to rest and coincidentally also the type of outside beds that are ranged around the gardens of the museum.

The art of reading…is a pun I won’t make today.

And finally, as the afternoon heated up this became the perfect metaphor for how I felt about life.

24 Replies to “And Out the Other Side”

  1. Incredible work. Who knew that you could paint about an exploding woman made of cheese – this just cries out for more story-telling…!


  2. If you found you had a favorite artist after your trip through, maybe it’s time to do some research about him or her and a special post?….Just a suggestion. I like the guy in his pj’s and the sun/moon. Sort of related in my mind to the guys suspended in space over the candles, and such.


    1. On account of my battery which rarely lasts half a day if I am on it for any amount of time, I had to ration it so I could take photos of all the art work and didn’t really have time to write any notes. However the good news is that it does encourage a repeat visit!


  3. I love all this artwork but unfortunately can relate most to what does look like journalists with egg on themselves. It so reflects what is going on in this country.


    1. These days you can’t really rely on one news source, its more about garnering information from a number of sources then making an informed decision. It is long past time we taught that to children in school judging by what the kids write kids write these days.

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  4. I love that bed. Although sadly, my conditioning immediately superimposed three old Yorkshiremen onto it, rolling down a hillside. Oh, to live somewhere where outside furniture that’s not a bench or folding chair doesn’t look ridiculous…


    1. Haha, in Yorkshire they balance bathtubs precariously on the top of hills, with bales of hay at the bottom. The mattresses were so soft and inviting too but the fear of chronic sunburn on my still all too white skin made me think twice.

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    1. A siesta under the shade of a tree with a book open on you as you doze. It really is a good place for that sort of thing, although I thought the art books were a bit over priced at the museum shop but then art books usually are.

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        1. Probably. I tend to hunt them out in second hand bookshops, although coffee table books are always a luxury too far when there are so many other good books to get hold of.

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    1. It was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the press. I am always glad to share, we narrowly missed out on another art museum visit a week or so back but I think we will get to that in the future at some point.

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