Further inside the Pintô Art Museum

Continuing the tour through various galleries of the Pintô Art Museum and the diverse work of Filipino artists took a slightly more whimsical, wooden direction this time.

I am rubbish at filters so sorry if these are again poor quality, it is partly that and also the lack of light which is a constant struggle to someone clueless when it comes to such things.

I like the wooden, framed effects of this artwork.  Overall this was my favourite gallery for consistency in theme.

To my eyes this felt like a wonderfully surreal dream world, complete with both nightmares and a host of strange situations which ask more questions than they answer.

The above photo is probably my favourite with its small performance area, like a theatre but who is the performer; the juggler, the artist or the viewer in their interpretation of the scene?

Whilst enjoying the paintings, I felt some faint flicker of recognition but couldn’t put my finger on why.  It finally came to me, as most things do, when not thinking about it.  The style reminds me of the artwork for the Smashing Pumpkins double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which coincidentally would make a good soundtrack for viewing these.






18 Replies to “Further inside the Pintô Art Museum”

    1. I hope he makes that leap, it’s a risky thing to attempt. I wonder at the face in the cuckoo clock, who is this navigator of the makeshift boat? The face is hard to interpret but so many stories come from it, it makes me happy to ponder.

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  1. I wonder what descending into candles means–there are two different paintings in which this is happening to characters. Maybe a legend or tale, reinterpreted differently by two different artists?


    1. Well hopefully a gust of wind will stop the guy with the umbrella getting his vitals from getting a singeing. Perhaps it is something to do with the fallibility of humans vs angels, it is an intriguing theme.


  2. I love this type of artwork as it always makes me wonder on what mood/theme the artist was trying to convey. What a great little find!


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