Pintô Art Museum, Exterior

I love a good museum, especially one that is housed in a lovely building. On a Sunday living up to its name Crissy and I, took advantage of an offer from cousin-in-law (if that is the right term) Jerrold and girlfriend Kim to explore the Pinto Art Museum.

What a find it was! Entering through a small gated archway, I could have been mistaken for thinking I’d ended up in the Mediterranean countries.  The greenery and the whitewashed buildings were a world away from the glass and steel buildings of the everyday.  The addition of a little chapel near the entrance was a nice juxtaposition of historical art, leading as it would, to modern art.

I could find no information about the actual buildings but I think that adds to the aura of the place.  The relaxing atmosphere leaves the adventurer free to explore and stumble upon the pieces as haphazardly as one wishes. I imagine sitting for a time at the mini amphitheatre watching a play in the dusk breeze would be amazing.

With chairs and beds placed around, as well as some statues and sculptures to keep one satiated between galleries this is a truly wonderful place to seek out and appreciate nature as well as art.

A courtyard to rest in is a pleasant distraction. Soaking up the relaxing atmosphere, doing a little people watching, it is good to see that people of all different ages are taking pleasure in the works on display and the ambience, not to mention the welcome breeze.

The final surprise was on the way out when we happened upon this colourful birdie who remained mute but I suspect should a pirate come along he would soon go into full flow.  Next post(s) I will show you some of the artwork which was diverse, at times surreal but always fascinating.


22 Replies to “Pintô Art Museum, Exterior”

    1. It was great to do something spontaneous (as so many things are here) and I avoided checking it out online so knew nothing about the museum before we got there which was great as it allowed me to discover it in person. I hate to lessen the impact of such things.

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    1. It’s been so long, I can’t remember. A rewatch is always welcome though. Some of the artwork had the same vibe, now that you mention it.


    1. It was hidden away up a back road, like so many cool things here, like the jigsaw museum which I still need to post about as well. Art will definitely be up next as I write my next, overdue book review.

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  1. What a lovely series of buildings (and the only reason the parrot didn’t talk to you is that he knew he was the star of the show with all his colors against the white, and disdained to comment). I’m eager to see more, as you say you have, of the jigsaw museum as well. What a marvelous adopted country you’ve found!


    1. An aloof parrot, that’s not what my Enid Blyton books taught me they were all about! I have a massive backlog of posts, not including book reviews to get written. It’s nice to be in that position, even if my reading is taking a back seat.


  2. What a gorgeous building to house the museum! It looks like an estate in one photo and then there is that amazing amphitheater! What a fabulous find for you.


    1. Of all the thing you don’t expect to find on a day trip is an amphitheatre, it made my day, well one of the things that made my day. I believe the area is about 1.5 hectares so it is a decent size and perfect for art and a day out.

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        1. I got the impression that they were looking to extend as well, which would be really great. I will certainly go back again in the future and see what new treasures they have.

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    1. The website says there is a gallery in Manhattan, perhaps they sometimes tour the paintings. Perhaps the shared Spanish heritage of Mexico and The Philippines has inspired parallel messages in the art world.

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