11 Replies to “Naivety”

  1. Yet, as is evident from incidents and happenings daily in catastrophes like Hurricane Harvey in Texas, people are still abiding and helping each other out….


    1. It is always great to see people banding together and helping each other out, for natural disasters or acts of terrorism and such. Yet when ideologies get in the way, that is when we need to band together and draw a line, rather than make excuses and let the same things happen again and again.

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  2. Nat is a fantastic writer. I’m so glad your promoting her work.

    I’ll agree with ‘Shadowoperator’. Us humans must unite together and help each other out. Even in the face of evil and natural disasters.


    1. It is great to see people helping each other and banding together, no matter their beliefs or race. Unfortunately when groups of people seem to be apologists for those who cause violence, those I have no time for.

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  3. There will always be major tragedies, whether natural events or human events, but it is in our nature to band together and face down the grim reaper.


    1. There is always a standing together and it is impressive to see that we as a race will look out for each other because despite beliefs and skin colour. Not allowing free reign to terrorists and would also help though in this case, to put it crudely.

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