The Lagom Trend

Torturing myself with visits to local bookshops to window shop – whilst purposefully leaving my wallet at home – I have been noticing all these books on Lagom.  At the beginning I thought it was just one or two popular books that were around all the time due to popularity but no, it’s an uncalled for glut.

It was perhaps inevitable after all the literature and TV from Scandinavia that has been coming over to these shores of late, that other less interesting aspects would also.  This is being marketed as a new lifestyle trend in the form of Lagom.  The closest translation of Lagom (so the internet informs me) is ‘in moderation’, or ‘just enough’.  A cynic may suggest the success of Hygge has encouraged this new trend.

Browsing through some of these works, the first thing that strikes me is how many books there are, there are certainly much more than ‘just enough’, a quick search of Amazon reveals at least ten books which is way too much for what this fad offers.  The next is how there seems to be little new here, it’s the usual formula: the modern world is terrible, take a step back, be kind to people, don’t spend too much money unless on quality, share, be happy, and so on.

My admittedly quick flicking through of a selection of these books gave me nothing whatsoever to suggest it wasn’t just a cash grab hidden behind a simplistic ideal that this is what Sweden adheres to and we are in some ways doing it right compared to them.  These sorts of common sense handbooks seems to be ever popular and can usually be summed up with the above formula.  Why people continue to pump money into such simplistic stuff, on the writing, publishing front, as well as the eventual reading of this fluff is beyond me.




20 Replies to “The Lagom Trend”

    1. Hygge is the art of creating intimacy ,be it with friends or alone. It’s a feeling of contentedness, the Danes are mad for that sort of thing and it became a big thing over here. Who would have thought that holding a hot chocolate with both hands could be so intense!

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    1. Yes being Swedish they get a bit of love, although for quality products that may be a bit of a stretch! It is high on decluttering and such, it’s a case of seen one, seen em all. Or just an expensive reminder to clear stuff out every so often. There is nothing new here.

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  1. I’d heard of hygge but not lagom. I think all these books on simplicity are a symptom that we’re not happy with our lives as they are – but instead of looking at our own lives we want some kind of ‘cure’ from elsewhere.


  2. Sigh – another trend, another slew of books – like all the books on decluttering themselves cluttering up the place (the woman whose book I read about tidying up her house admits in it that she has too many books on decluttering, which did make me giggle!


  3. wow going through this I had to really set a date and go to book stores around South Africa and well also came across a certain trend. think I need to prepare a blog post for this one. thank you ey I just became a bit more observant.


    1. It is great how seeing something different can alter a person’s perspective and demand we become more observant. It certainly makes life much more interesting and encourages us to find more perspectives to explore.

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