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It is always a pleasure to welcome a new book into the fold and I have two to show that have recently been added to the collective.  The first, The Lyons Orphanage, arrived today generously and promptly sent by author Charlie King only yesterday and a few weeks ago Liz was kind enough to send me The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson.

Both of which look like being fascinating reads, the first a mystery novel set in an orphanage and the other about companionship over a long winter in a small hamlet.  Both promise lost souls in different ways, as ever you shall have reviews on them both.

For those of you wondering about my lack of posts of late and also the shortness of these two latest, fear not normal service of travel posts and reviews will resume shortly as will my ability to visit all your blogs.  Until then, here are the respective blurbs.

The Lyons Orphanage

Sam Watkins, an orphaned young teenager, possesses the ability to read the minds of almost everyone he meets.

Howard Lyons, the owner of the orphanage where Sam has lived since he was a baby, has been reluctant to let Sam leave the orphanage.

Unable to read the mind of Mr Lyons, he takes it upon himself to investigate the reasons behind the owner’s decisions and learn more about the origin of his ability, his parents and the potential of his power.

However, Sam’s investigation and mind-reading abilities reveal a power struggle at the top of a faltering orphanage between Mr. Lyons and his assistant Natalie.

Sam’s involvement in this conflict leads him to look for ways to save the orphanage and uncover the true motivations of both the owner and his assistant while trying to learn about his past.


The True Deceiver

In the deep winter snows of a Swedish hamlet, a strange young woman fakes a break-in at the house of an elderly artist in order to persuade her that she needs companionship. But what does she hope to gain by doing this? And who ultimately is deceiving whom? In this portrayal of two women grappling with truth and lies, nothing can be taken for granted. By the time the snow thaws, both their lives will have changed irrevocably.




25 Replies to “Free Books, Good Home”

  1. I’ve just read my first Tove Jansson book (The Winter Book) after becoming fascinated by her from watching a documentary about her life. I intend to read more and this one looks very intriguing.


    1. I started at the opposite side with The Summer Book so looking forward to trying something in the wintery realm now. One thing I neer do is watch much about authors, I really should do more of that in my spare time.

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        1. I tend to dwell more in history myself but really you have opened my eyes to something that I should be taking more note of, especially as it may lead to even more authors to immerse myself in. As always I appreciate the gentle propel towards something exciting.

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    1. I am already 68 pages through The Lyons Orphanage (giving Empires of the Word, a brief rest) and so far I am enjoying it, it is not what I expected which is always a pleasant surprise.

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  2. Eagerly awaiting your posts–the one that seems the most intriguing to me is “The True Deceiver,” at least to judge by the title. But it’s been a long time since I’ve read a good mystery, so maybe I’m ready for the other one? Can’t wait!


    1. The Lyons Orphanage is finished and should be reviewed tomorrow. The True Deceiver sounds great too and will hopefully be read soon.


  3. So glad it arrived OK and I look forward to reading your thoughts on it. I had a massive blog post reading and commenting catch-up yesterday and feel better now I’m up to date – silly, really, as I’m always happy to have comments on my blog ages after I wrote the post!

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  4. Enjoy your books, my friend. I have been so inundated with stuff to do leading me to be so far behind in reading and reviewing, visiting blogs, everything down to finding time to clear my desk or do laundry. Think of me when you kick back to read and maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel the vibes and drop everything I’m doing and get back to my books.


    1. I certainly will my friend, I am finally getting back into the reading. Life has been crazy, I notice quite a few people are spending less time blogging, we’ll get back into it soon.

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  5. New books, woohoo! I recently received packages for new books and it was a beautiful sight. But which ones to read first?! Sorry for being away from here but now I’m catching up. Life is busy, right?! Hugs


    1. The challenges of new books, sometimes I have paralysis as I can’t work out which one to read next. It’s tough being a reader! You have been missed but it is good to see you around. Life gets in the way sometimes but at least your fellow bloggers understand! hugs backatcha!

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