Going Out, I May Be a While

As ever with holidays, I ran out of time to write a post and it was going to be really good as well but you will have to wait now as I am off today to Manila so will no doubt catch you up with you in a few weeks.  Stay awesome people and I shall be back soon with plenty of photographs and a tan.

I hope to be writing notes for posts from somewhere like this soon:

25 Replies to “Going Out, I May Be a While”

  1. Ah, Ste J, I saw the title of your post, and almost thought it was the title of a new book. That would make a good title, you know? “Going Out, I May Be A While”? Perfect for a novel that concentrates on character development of a man and his wife, and he goes out for cigarettes (but really to see his mistress), or perhaps a suspense/murder mystery, in which a similar thing happens, but he ends up dead? Ha-ha! Hope you’re really enjoying your working vacation, and look forward to all the photos to come.


    1. It does owe a lot to Captain Oates and I do have Scott’s book to read at some point though, I thought the juxtaposition of the association with snow and The Philippines would be a pleasant one. I admire your imagination though, I have many photos, hoping to start posting them in a day or two. It was such a wonderful time my friend.


  2. I do envy you such beautiful scenery…I know you’ll enjoy. Look forward to hearing and seeing when you return 🙂


    1. There was one point where I realised there were too many photo opportunities, it was cruel but between two cameras, two phones and a go pro, we captured a lot of good stuff.


  3. Hi Ste, how are you? it’s been awhile and just found out that youre going to Manila… where I am currently in! Youre probably here right now. Hows Manila btw, are you enjoying so far? Please get back to me soon!


    1. Manila isn’t a city I feel I can enjoy when in the middle of it but it is certainly an experience and quite romantic when reflecting on it. I hope to be back in The Philippines again as soon as I can so maybe we will bump into each other!

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            1. I did pop into Manila a few times but I would rather be out in the open air where people don’t keep trying to sell me things and the air is cleaner. The van ride out of Manila only took about an hour and a half, so I was quite close although the traffic made it seem like a long journey.

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    1. I had no idea at the time that a photo I borrowed off Wikipedia would be one of the places I went. I also had Balut on my first night as well. It was an amazing time, nothing like I imagined but so much better.

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        1. It was just like chicken, naturally I concluded I was in The Matrix because of that fact. I’m home now so just have to begin sifting through notes for all the best bits, of which there were many.

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