Philippine culture, part 2

As some of you already know, I am off to the Philippines next week for a few weeks, which explains my lack of consistency post wise. I still have time for a few more writings before I shoot off and take lots of photos and such. Typically Filipina and long time blog friend Nica has travelled to Europe but all will be good as I do things you probably wouldn’t want to do, like eat Balut (the photo of which will probably put you off).  Check out the culture of the Philippines in Ren’s previous post as well.

renxkyoko's space

Renxyoko Iglesias here, hello ! !

Here are some random Philippine habits, quirks, bits and pieces of culture and tradition that a tourist, like my friend @Ste J, may or may not encounter in the Philippines.

But before that, here’s something nice to watch.

Did you watch it ?  Of course,  I have to admit  there’s poverty all over, especially in urban areas ,  but Filipinos are consistently on the list of the happiest people on earth, despite the natural disasters that come their way,  year in and year out.(  off the chart typhoons, their current  president, earthquakes, volcano eruptions ….. Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 was the biggest in the 20th century….. it caused the lowering of the earth’s temperature by at least 1 degree )  They say Filipinos eat disasters for breakfast, and no matter what happens, they just shrug them off. This is because of their ” Bahala na ”  attitude…

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24 Replies to “Philippine culture, part 2”

  1. How long are you going for? I’ve never been, but have always wanted to! Until I get a chance, I’ll have to live vicariously through the photos that (I hope) you post!


    1. I managed to get a fairly cheap ticket and am off there for a month. There will be plenty of photos and varied places, beaches, mountains and of course Manila!


  2. Just got back from a three week stay in the Philippines and I miss it already! Be sure to check out the island of Siargao if you can! The people at Greenhouse Resort are beyond amazing!


    1. Sorry for the late reply to this, only got back a few days ago, I didn’t get to Siargao but went to Batanes and got some great photos and friends from there! Like you I am eager to get back!


      1. i feel so sad hahah wish to meet you next time! Please blog about your experience I would like to know about it! Thank you, Ste!


    1. I don’t believe it has a direct translation in English but as the Spanish influenced the language I would go for qué será será.


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