February’s doubts

I’m finally back and with plenty of news, like the spam message from a certain rabid news corporation in the US which was (unsurprisingly) shockingly written. For now though , go visit my first of two reblogs for today. First up is Andrea, whose blog deserves a lot of love thanks to its evocative photography and subject matter. A haven for all those wishing to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Harvesting Hecate


February is the fag end of winter.  Though I love this season, this is the point when I’m ready for spring, for light, for warmth.  This is the point at which the cold and dark tires me and I trudge through the days simply surviving.  When it is no longer as easy to connect with that self I find in the rich, dark dreaming.  I have woken up, but rudely.  February is the alarm that wakes me when I’m not ready to wake, interrupting a peaceful sleep.  It is the truculent moment when I haul myself out of bed before I’m ready, to a day that I’m not looking forward to.  A transition time, but not the lazy transition of summer into autumn, or the barely perceptible change from autumn to winter.  February is hard work.


This is the time of year when winter can seem harshest.  It is usually our coldest month and the short…

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21 Replies to “February’s doubts”

    1. Hopefully warm weather will be right around the corner soon. I could do with luscious green grass, lambs gambolling around and such.


  1. I’m looking forward to March and some relief from our summer temperatures of up to 47C (116F) although today is not too bad — only 36 (96.8F) 😀


  2. Here in the Northeastern U. S., we are having a spate of unseasonably warm days. It’s been about 50-55 degrees F for the last several days. Of course, the groundhog on Groundhog’s Day DID see his shadow and ducked back in his hole, so theoretically we have five-six more weeks of winter, but right now, it doesn’t appear that way….


    1. 50F sounds about what we are having, although high winds are plaguing us too.Five or six weeks more of winter…good luck with that, I am ready for some sun and book reading weather!


    1. It does feel different now, more than the transition usually does. I think the year feels like it can truly begin now that we have some sunshine.

      It is always a pleasure to share the blogging love, my friend.

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  3. My research last year on Paganism which is still ongoing has made me reflect on the seasons more, and on recognising and celebrating them. I’ve discovered what is done past and present in some of the branches of Paganism (there are SO many, though most people have likely only heard of Wicca and maybe druidry). This also relates to your other re-blogged post which didn’t seem to have the option of commenting on it. I know there are many Gods and Goddesses in many traditions and from all over the world. Sometimes it’s interesting to see the myths although the Gods and Goddesses are not really something I feel a connection with, at least at the current time.


    1. The Gods and Goddesses are very much of their time and place, I think these days it is hard to feel any connection, especially as they are usually tied to the land and we have since progressed beyond that. It is still fascinating to read up on these things. I think with the other post, the comment would have to be on that specific blog, I was trying something slightly different to the traditional reblog!


      1. Yes, it does seem that being a Pagan is more common than you may think and is on the rise in our country and many Pagans believe in more than 1 God. I think the place in the UK with the highest rate of Pagans is Scotland.


        1. Paganism is closer to our roots than the adopted Christianity so it makes sense that as people become disillusioned with modern religions they would go back to the older more nature based ones.


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