The Bookshop

Here is something I did over at Morgan’s blog, being a nice chap and all, check it out!


shakinThis blog post is brought to you from the mind of Ste J, book defender/lover/obsessive, knowledge seeker and occasional afternoon napper who can be found and is always happy to make your acquaintance.

The Bookshop


Entering the gateway

quaint handle and ring of the bell

a friendly greeting and the musty scent

that pleasantly assails the senses


A world of infinite dreams surrounds

of pirates, distant worlds and lavish parties

each crafted teaming with life and imagination

all waiting to be explored and devoured


The ages gather here too

ordered casually together

side by side

covered in dusty patience


Time moves differently here


the world outside ceases to be;

the perfect existence


And now there is just you

and sound of pages turning

the crackling breaking the silence

adding to that unrivalled atmosphere


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41 Replies to “The Bookshop”

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  2. Ste J, this is amazing. Seriously. You capture the essence so perfectly—the thing we book lovers cherish about bookshops. I need to figure out how to properly print and frame this ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Why thank you! I had used a lot more flowery language but decided to distil it into the essence of simplicity and talk about what matters most when experiencing it in a bookshop.

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  3. Being a guestblogger of Morgan’s myself, I found this piece on there at first, but I also wanted to come here and give my regards – just because I really, really like this piece!


  4. And, actually, you just inspired me to write a poem of my own, so thanks – nothing is better than reading the stuff of others and be inspired to write stuff of your own! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. I am glad I could help and thanks for stopping by. Blogging is wonderful for sharing and inspiring…the amount of books that are recommended to me is obscene sometimes!

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  5. Bravo =) beautiful poem (I mistyped “beautiful power” first and I guess that’s accurate). The accompanying picture with the paint peeling off the ceiling is great too ^_^


      1. Our local Christian bookshop has a full cafe. One of their chili chicken wraps and you’re set for the whole day ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Haha, books are so bewitching, all those together and the knowledge that so many hidden gems have to be excavated from the piles. It is the best place to spend a day or two if people are willing to bring you food.


  6. Lovely, emotively drawn picture of what I know is one of your favorite places. I wondered when you were going to do more poetry again! Now I feel rewarded for my patience.


    1. I got lost in all the books, there is so much I am enjoying and I am starting my second Russian author in three books so I am certainly going for it this year but will try and make more room for poetry as I remember too!


  7. Oh my gosh!! I loved your poem, Ste J!!! It’s so true that we lose the outside world when we enter a book shop – you capture the essence of the experience very well in your words. Now I want to go to a shop!!

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  8. Even if I didn’t see your name attached to this poem, I think I would have recognized your voice in it. Lovely. Where did you find the picture? It looks like your kind of bookshop. I can definitely see that it would inspire you.


    1. I found the photo on Wikipedia, being rushed for time but it really worked. I love the world of the bookshop and that you recognised my voice in it, really cheers my soul on a cold winter’s day.

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    1. I wish I had more time on this one, rather than my short deadline, I envisioned so much more for it. Having said that if you love it, I am at least doing something right.


    1. Thank you, I feel like that with every bookshop that I visit, the only thing that makes me leave is the need to read what I already own. If I could bottle that scent though…

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