Fair Game

08 Oct

The other day this blogger went to the Goose Fair in order to take some photos to link up loosely with the last post on Sunnyside, sadly my efforts were rubbish (they even turned out worse than Tremors 4 did) so I have abandoned the idea, despite copious amount of notes and such, instead have a photo of a prize I won on Hook-a- Duck and my latest read.


Now I am off on holiday to Scarborough for the week so owing to time, I won’t be around WordPress much, although I hope to visit today.  I aim to post a few posts and keep up with comments and such though as time permits, so please excuse my absence from your blogs, I will be back soon enough with photos, thoughts and probably accosted by a particularly tenacious seagull, which I shall keep as a pet and call it Stegull.



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28 responses to “Fair Game

  1. Disha

    08/10/2016 at 20:59

    Have a good holiday

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  2. Alastair Savage

    08/10/2016 at 21:34

    I hope you will go to the fair and come back with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ( though not necessarily in that order).


    • Ste J

      08/10/2016 at 22:05

      Haha, if its on I am sure it will be a case of hotdog, candy floss, cheap toy and a cold, although that little lot is harder to set to music.


  3. Andrea Stephenson

    08/10/2016 at 21:58

    Looks like you hooked something a bit more dangerous than a duck…hope you enjoy Scarborough, great town, and Christy’s book!


    • Ste J

      08/10/2016 at 22:07

      I haven’t been for years but I do love to wander around and Christy’s book is one I am enjoying as I attempt to get back into poetry. The bull was by far the best thing I could have won, I’ve been after something with a hunchback for a long time.

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  4. Resa

    08/10/2016 at 22:31

    “Versions Of The Self” is a wonderful reading experience! I did a review of it.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday!!!!
    & oooo noooo! I’ll be watching the entire Tremors series with my niece in a few weeks (Hallow’een & all) She loves the series. Guess I better buy some extra wine! (4 Tremors in a row!!!!!)


    • Ste J

      09/10/2016 at 18:14

      I enjoyed the first three, mainly one and three if I remember rightly but the fourth is just too clichéd and predictable but you will probably be plastered by then so it’s all to the good hehe.


  5. shadowoperator

    08/10/2016 at 22:57

    Dear Ste J, Before you adopt a new pet (such as a seagull, which might either eat or antagonize Bela, depending on how big a cat she is, and how voracious the seagull is), keep in mind that during Shakespeare’s and Ben Jonson’s time, a “gull” was a foolish person likely to be taken in by almost any dodge or stratagem, and aim your sights high (for instance, only get a trained seagull, who will not be fooled into tearing apart empty food bags in dumpsters, but will instead go for the gold at the seashore, by diving for legitimate food scraps in the form of clams and etc!). And above all, have a good time.


    • Ste J

      09/10/2016 at 18:18

      Thanks for the tip and for the language lesson also. It all sounds like too much work, I will stick with the cat and put my efforts into walking up steep paths and finding bookshops instead. A good time is already being had my friend!


  6. Jill Weatherholt

    08/10/2016 at 23:15

    Have a great time, Ste J! Be safe!


  7. gargoylebruce

    09/10/2016 at 06:22

    Congratulations on your prize!


    • Ste J

      09/10/2016 at 18:12

      It was a hard fought win on one of those prize every time games.

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  8. clarepooley33

    09/10/2016 at 19:13

    Great prize! I hope you treasure it for ever 😀 I await your review of Christie’s book with interest. I love Scarborough – have fun there. My elder daughter went there for the day a few weeks ago and really enjoyed herself.


    • Ste J

      10/10/2016 at 16:22

      I’ve always enjoyed this part of the world so will be making an effort to photograph a decent amount, although going by my recent efforts I need to do better, I blame the camera of course! A few are alright though and they will be posted soon. I will be reading Chisty’s book on a wind blistered bench to show my dedication then curl up in bed with a cold soon after.

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      • clarepooley33

        11/10/2016 at 01:03

        I love the image of the wind-blistered bench! Don’t like the cold though – hope that stays away 🙂
        Always blame the camera; it is always the camera’s fault.


        • Ste J

          11/10/2016 at 20:08

          It is breezy but pleasantly so, I was stood hands on a rail like a Roman Emperor for ages earlier then retreated for a cup of coffee and a good bit of reading. Technology isn’t my strong point but the challenge of describing such would be beyond me in any meaningful way compared to what I can capture otherwise.

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  9. Lucy

    09/10/2016 at 21:49

    1) I miss the Goose fair, thems were the days.
    2) Stegull is a cracking idea and if it doesn’t happen I’ll be really disappointed. I love seagulls. They are famous around here for walking in and out of shops and nicking packets of crisps off low shelves and banging on house and office windows with their beaks to solicit food. We should all start doing that.


    • Ste J

      10/10/2016 at 16:35

      So far I have only heard the odd seagull and been accosted by one pigeon, I think the seagulls have migrated inland because all people who come out of season are clearly misers with their food and money. It would be chaos if we all started banging on windows, it would make a good excuse for being late to work though, accidentally becoming a café as demand for food rose. I’d let someone off for that enterprise.

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  10. Sarah

    10/10/2016 at 10:51

    My cousin and I got stuck in quicksand on a family holiday in Scarborough, c1975. Whilst this was the closest I’d ever come to the heady excitement of a ‘Famous Five’ adventure, and remains to this day, one of the high points of my childhood, I wouldn’t recommend replicating it unless you are in the company of a responsible adult. Have fun! 🙂


    • Ste J

      10/10/2016 at 16:38

      Normal people just go to islands and get trapped in caves or castles, you had to be more dramatic. I can’t look after myself at the best of times so will attempt to avoid the beach unless I feel in a particularly dangerous mood.

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  11. Liz Dexter

    11/10/2016 at 11:39

    Have a lovely time! There’s a nice Italian cafe on the front, and there are good charity shops in Bridlington if you fancy popping down there.


    • Ste J

      11/10/2016 at 19:52

      I noticed the café but one of my many failings is not being a fan of Italian food but I may be ranging out further with my trips from tomorrow, now I’ve done all the Scarborough ones, my haul will be showcased soon as well…I think you will be proud.


  12. macjam47

    18/10/2016 at 10:59

    Have a terrific time, Steve. Christy is such a lovely person so I am happy to see you are enjoying her book. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your trip. Do you plan to take your new red friend along?


    • Ste J

      20/10/2016 at 10:38

      It was a wonderful trip and Christy’s book was the perfect compliment to the sound of the waves. I left my mascot at home but only because I want to give him a suitable punny name before launching him on unsuspecting exotic climes.

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