Ste J in Boston

Making quite a team, once again I will kindly ask you to pop over to Resa’s blog to see a mural I noticed whilst wandering the streets.

Resa is known for her costume designs and has worked on plenty of thing including the TV show Sensitive Skin, of which season 2 is now airing in several countries for all you TV buffs out there.

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Ste J from Book to the Future sent us a mural from Boston.

SteB #5 Photo © Steve Johnson

“I found this one at the rear of the Symphony Hall which was just a short walk from where I was staying.”

SteB #1 Photo © Steve Johnson

“I didn’t get up early enough to beat the cars but it makes me happy that people see this mural everyday and is easily visible from the road as well.”

SteB #7 Photo © Steve Johnson

“It’s a wonderful piece this showing a variety of people and a real feeling of culture.”

SteB #3 Photo © Steve Johnson

“Music has a timeless feel and the power to move us, just like a good mural! I love the mixing of cultures it, provides a powerful statement about the universality of music.”

SteB #4 Photo © Steve Johnson

Ste J writes really great book reviews, some film reviews & once in a while a game…

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27 Replies to “Ste J in Boston”

    1. I missed it the first few times, it was only five minutes from where I was staying as well. There’s some proper time and thought gone into it. It is amazing what you find in car parks, I found some cyber punk birdies in Nottingham once, just in a random off the beaten path car park.

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    1. I have a nagging feeling that I missed a bit at the side that credited all the people…I didn’t think at the time as time was against me and I wanted to get the best photos I could. It must have taken ages, not only to get the scale right but to plan it as well. Creativity is brilliant and will hopefully breed more of the same.

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  1. 😀 Thank you, Ste J! You found a really great mural in Boston. Also, I love your commentaries, always! Must be the writer in you. Again, I am elated that you have sent in a mural from wherever your travels take you. I love seeing the differences & similarities of street art over the world. 😀 😀

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    1. Sorry I didn’t write more, usually I plan my words as I photograph but this time I didn’t, typically. Wherever I go I will always be looking for murals, collecting blog content for two of us is always more fun than just for myself. The writer in me? I must get on that properly at some point.

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    1. I was hoping to find one in china town but ended up getting lost instead, only finding my way on track by spying the name of the street Kneeland which I luckily caught on the map due to its awesome name.

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  2. I agree with you, it’s lovely that the people parking their cars see this everyday (along with everyone else, of course) – I like that idea.


    1. And right there for any passerby to admire, it’s wonderful to see such examples of art there brightening streets and being admired as well as contributing to local culture.

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      1. Ste… wow, that feature on Resa´s blog stands out, my friend… Great photographs and urban art… Have a great week. Love and best wishes. Aquileana 💜


  3. Thanks for the mural, Ste J! To think, I lived a number of years in Boston and never saw it! But of course, I didn’t have the dough to go to the Symphony even once (you can, however, stream live the Boston/Brighton/Cambridge and etc. cultural radio station WCRB–part of WGBH–for free on your computer, maybe even from where you are now, though I guess you have somewhat the same over there). You’re way cool, dude, to borrow a younger expression set than I’m entitled to!


    1. These days I think you can stream anything form anywhere, such is modern technology, this way I can rattle my papers and generally be annoying without spoiling it for anybody else.


        1. I quite like the feeling of having a camera, my Boston photos were all on camera but I do like my phone as well. No matter how forgetful I am, I always have my phone on me.

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          1. I love a camera, but it seemed as though I was always missing great shots because I didn’t have it on me. I never go anywhere without my cell phone.


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