The Challenge of Writing . . . When There Are No Words

The experiences that forge a writer are many and I have a soft spot for all thing Challenger (in all its iterations).  Mike’s post offering recollections are a fascinating insight and one that I read twice, thus proving something, although what, I know not.


It was one of those landmark days, the kind of day where people later ask, “Where were you when that happened?”  The kind of day that leaves its mark, whether you want it to or not, intractable, like a brand on your soul.

It was Tuesday, January 28, 1986, two days after I had celebrated my birthday.  I was in junior high that year, and my love for all things astronomy had me fired up and eager for the events that were to take place on that cold, blustery winter morning.


It was big news and a highly anticipated moment–the launching of the space shuttle Challenger, complete with its seven-person crew, including the first teacher ever to venture into space, Christa McAuliffe.  But it was a school day, after all, and at the time of the launch, I was in Earth Science class, taking a quiz.  The teacher, a…

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8 Replies to “The Challenge of Writing . . . When There Are No Words”

  1. Mike’s post is both sad and uplifting. The event described, though, happened at a time in my own life when I was obsessed with personal issues, and it barely even registered on my radar screen–I just thought something like “Another space flight–this one a disaster. Too bad,” and then went, quite selfishly, back to my own concerns, which seemed to me paramount at the time. It’s finally really funny how much we can miss of world events when our own lives are in chaos, or conversely, how much we can tolerate of discord and disorder in our personal lives when we are wrapped up in a world event. Differing perspectives for differing times, I guess.


    1. Life is a strange beast, I suppose that in the end we take it as it comes and review everything later. 9/11 is another one of those moments, I was dolding towels when it happened, orange ones at that.


  2. Read this over at Mike’s blog who I’ve been following since my early blogging days. Great post, good of you to re-blog Ste…


    1. I tend not to reblog loads so that when I do people know I really appreciate the post and was moved in some way. Having said that if I reblogged all the posts I really enjoyed there would be little time for my own content so I tend to wear a cloak when reblogging so I seem enigmatic.

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