A Trip Around a Gate, Church and a Big Thing on a Roundabout

We needed something a little lighter after the sombre nature of the Topography of Terror so after a welcome Jagertee (rum, black tea, red wine, plum brandy, orange juice and various spices) beloved of skiers everywhere, we ended up taking in some other sites, which were easier on the palette over the next 24 hours.


A quick walk up the straße from Potzdamer platz is the Brandenburg gate which we timed getting to perfectly as the sky was turning into the perfect backdrop of colour to give this edifice a brooding look.  Erected between 1788-91, the Quadriga atop the monument was added later and later taken back to Paris by Napoleon before being returned after his defeat.  Later on used as a Nazi party symbol, the gate survived albeit in a severely damaged state and was gradually restored throughout the years.


As I sat on the steps of the tourist information centre desperately trying to drink in and memorise all of the features for writing this up,  it was pleasant to be an observer and see the natives oblivious to the gawping tourists taking photographs and to the gate itself as they went upon their way not paying heed to the familiar landmark.  Just the opposite side of the gate was the busy and competitive rush hour traffic, the gate seemed to be a barrier against this madness to the orderly and polite sightseers appreciating the history and ambience of the place whilst avoiding the obligatory cyclists.

The next day after train hopping around the city we came across what is left of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church right in the heart of the shopping centre.  Building commenced in 1881 and the church eventually took looked like this:


After being smashed by Allied air raids it presently looks like this…


The inside of the church which had a small museum also had a rich, Roman style feel to the decoration, they don’t make art work like this anymore.


Architecturally refreshed we randomly wandered through the Tiergarten and with our trusty map that showed us landmarks but didn’t actually explain what any of them were, we were surprised to find the 67m (219ft) Berlin Victory Column which combines sculpture and a whole lot of stairs.


We climbed this big tower and our calves reminded us for a long time after, which was a good excuse for another Jagertee.


The stairs are pretty narrow so a degree of politeness is needed when traversing thems o when some woman barged past me as I was descending with no regard for anybody but herself, I put on my best earnest face and told her she was didn’t have far left to go to the top, needless to say she had quite a trek left.

Not a bad view for €3 and a oppurtune place to finish this post.


33 Replies to “A Trip Around a Gate, Church and a Big Thing on a Roundabout”

    1. We had the chance to go up a 300ft tower but it was expensive and quite frankly would have made me feel sick, the Berlin Victory Column was a sight cheaper and easier for me to cope with but looking directly down is still not recommended.

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  1. OMG, Ste J, you are taking so many photographs, I despair of understanding how you found time to stop for so much Jagertee! But it sounds delicious, have to try it sometime. Thanks again for the photos(and the snowflakes floating down your page, so scenically!).


    1. I took my camera and notebook everywhere with me and then had to constantly check my capacious pockets in case I got pick pocketed. I wanted to take as many photos as possible as I don’t know when I will be back and a visual aid for my thoughts are always good. Jagertee is a pleasant warm drink which was just the thing for those cold days.

      I like the snowflakes option we get on here, which is why I avoid getting a blog with a white background.


    1. Go onto your general settings and near the bottom it has a tick box next to the word snow, just click that and you are snowed in, I like simple things! My final photo post will be up soon, I tried to take as many as possible for you guys, when I travel I like to take you all with me.

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  2. Super photos SteJ. That last one would have messed with my vertigo 🙂 Even I have snowflakes on my blog this year and I’m loving it. No snow here, even in the middle of winter.


    1. We are avoiding the snow as well at present which makes me happy, I much prefer blog snow. I did take a photo with the camera pointing directly down (without looking myself) and then looking at it on the camera I felt dizzy, it was a great view from up there. There was a 309ft TV tower in the centre of Berlin and I took a photo of it but whilst aiming my camera up I got dizzy and nearly fell over. Even on the ground I am not safe from heights it seems.

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        1. Flying is easier, mainly because I know I am trapped on the thing so can’t really do anything about it…I hate taking off but am happy to look out whilst up in the air and on the way down. It is strange now you mention it but I can always hide myself in a book as well which is always a good thing.

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          1. Me? I love taking off. I love the way the engine roars as you hurtle down the runway, and then whoosh…well, sort of, and you’re up in the air 😀


  3. I believe that was a good excuse for another jagertee…I’ll take one too please 🙂 I’m enjoying your sojourn through Germany 🙂


    1. I have one final post to come with plenty more photos and then I think I will be all out of mileage on Berlin methinks. We did keep coming around to Potzdamer Platz for Jagertees, I think we made three trips in two days which really is good going on our part when squeezing everything else in. it’s good to keep hydrated and merry.


  4. So please tell me how I access the snowflake option 🙂 And sorry for not capitalizing Jagertee :(and I still would like to try one) 🙂


    1. Go onto your general settings and scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the word snow and a box to tick if you wish it, click on that and you have snow until the 2nd January. A Jagertee is nice, it doesn’t really taste alcoholic but does have a tendency to sneak up on you after a couple.


    1. The top is all caged in otherwise it would have been tempting, in fact thinking on it, it would probably be one of the places wioth the highest murder rate in the world.

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  5. I love seeing the difference between what the church looked like and now what’s left of it. It’s interesting to see what endures and to imagine the past through its ruins. I’ve never heard of a Jagertee but now I’ll have to find one!


    1. I think I had six Jagertees in two days, they are perfect for keeping you warm and toasty, I also found I had better focus as well interestingly…It’s always sad when good architecture hets destroyed but at least some of the original beauty was retained.


    1. Thank you, I think I need work on my photos but if that means an excuse to go to new places then I’ll grab it with both hands.


  6. The Brandenburg gate photo is spectacular, love the lighting and the backdrop, perfect. And I’ve never heard of Jagertee…sounds potent, so I would like it I’m sure, ha! As for that woman barging past you, why are some people so rude? The art work is magnificent and so poignant seeing how the church looks today, thanks to the allied forces. Really enjoying your holiday posts my friend, I’m learning a lot and that makes me smile 🙂


    1. I hadn’t paid much mind to the sky as it was darkening but it was just perfect timing and I was genuinely pleased with that photo. If that woman was stressed with the hike, she would have been a mess when she got to the top, the stairs were akin to those going to the roof of a church and cathedral, all thin and spirally.

      Berlin is a city that is rebuilding around its ruins, it’s a rather melancholy mix, until the Jagertees come out of course, one is never enough of course! Sadly I have just posted my last short Berlin post but I will have a look around for more deals for next year, who knows where I will go and what facts I will find out to keep that grin on your face.

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  7. Really great pics, Ste J! Okay, now I know what a Jagertee is. (I’m reading your posts in a backwards order) I’m sure I’d be sick for a week if I drank one. That’s quite the beverage!


    1. I’m happy to take that Jagertee off of you, my friend! It is a tasty beverage though and surprisingly it isn’t half as sweet as you would think.


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