From the U.K.

If you haven’t already checked out Resa’s blogs, then this is a good place to start and not only because I got myself involved by noticing what was around me (after walking past it at least 20 times).

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Steve Johnson, or Ste J as his friends call him, from Book To The Future snapped these at a place called Carrington near Nottingham city centre.

photo © Steve Johnson photo © Steve Johnson

Thank you, Ste J, for these wonderful pics of street art!!

photo © Steve Johnson photo © Steve Johnson

 Pics taken by Steve Johnson – June, 2015

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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16 Replies to “From the U.K.”

  1. What fascinating pieces! It’s amazing how we can walk by these things and not see them at first. I love great street art. My father took a photo of graffiti in NYC in the 1970s. It’s abstract and then spray painted on it says “is art ever really art?”. Love it.


    1. Street art is something I don’t see very often, which is a shame. Having said that I walked past this without noticing for ages so who knows what I’m missing. It’s a good point about art, it isn’t easily quantifiable, in so much as it is at the same time. I would like to see the photo if you could get a hold of it sometime!


    1. Definitely! I love the pride people take in street art and how it can just be something to brighten up an area or have a message to it. Sadly lots of kids just tag walls and its unsightly but when there is real talent, we should give them a clean wall and let them make the streets a place of interest.


  2. Wonderful shots, Ste J! I can see you’ve been a busy little bee lately, snapping pics and getting re-blogged, and all the rest of it (you post far more regularly than I seem to be able to get around to, while also holding down gainful employment). Kudos on being the active and interesting guy you are! I can tell by your commenters that you inspire people.


    1. I think I’ve just been lucky with writing, inspiration and opportunity, no doubt it will tail off soon but I’ll surf it whilst I can. I love my commenters and if I can inspire them then it makes me happy, just wait until you see the burlesque video I’m working on lol.


    1. Our area isn’t one for arty walls but this was a nice surprise for me, albeit it cost £6.40 to get there but there was a pub nearby and I had a book so the day was always going to be kind to me.

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  3. Dear Ste J.

    Ahh, how sweet it is!
    Street art is art for all of us all, all the time.
    Wait ’til you see what’s upcoming on GLaM!!
    Will be looking for more beauty from your streets, Ste J! _Resa (Thank you so much!)


    1. I will certainly keep my eyes peeled and find something worthy of your blog. I’m looking forward to your future posts as ever, anything could pop up so I’m trying to be prepared for anything.


    1. Hello my friend, I am well and enjoying the heat and avoiding the sun wherever possible. Our streets should have more brightness to them, suburbia needs to feel less dull and be more bright so we can all have a smile on our faces, especially in the miserable winters.

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    1. Haha, it is strange how things eventually catch the eye, I wonder had if I would have noticed it had I not been following Resa’s blog?


      1. It’s hard to say! Of course, something that large and colorful would eventually, I’d imagine. I think it’s all about how deep in thought we are and how focused on any particular thing we happen to be. I’m a deep thinker (and so are you) so often don’t notice—or care—about what is going on outside that, depending on what is going on. You know, like an emergency or something!


        1. Usually it’s heading to the pub that keeps my occupied lol, I do tend to go around in my own world though and have apparently looked right through many a friend who has been coming the other way.


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