Musings, Ribs and Mad Max: Fury Road

20 May

So I’m on the bus the other day and with the road works effecting every conceivable route (all one of them) to my destination, I had much time to ponder and luckily having a window seat to peer out of made me feel like I was acting in a reflective scene for a film as well, I always enjoy that, just in case anyone is glancing in my direction.


After having had a wander around for a bacon cob and securing cinema tickets, a pint was well due, as my latest book (one for the anthropology fans amongst you) hadn’t been getting the love it deserved that day.  Partly because I had wandered into the big bookshop armed with my wish list and found none of the obscure titles that had taken my fancy, neither could I find the new titles being spoken of by my fellow bloggers which begs the question what do I do in future if I want to actually physically buy a book I want.

It is that becoming a reader with different tastes from the big name authors is actually a hindrance when shopping?  Maybe high street shops are redundant for me, as they aim for a different market, it’s a sad state of affairs but my mind quickly turned onto something more whimsical.   I was quite surprised to have found that alone with my thoughts and still not having read that book yet, I had been taking in this fairly surreal set up and it hadn’t clicked for at least twenty minutes.


All that was quickly put right by meeting Tom at a barbecue joint and having a can of Pistonhead Full Throttle, picked purely because it seemed appropriate for the film we were about to see.  Red’s True BBQ is a curious place, it’s very friendly staff seem not to notice that they work in a restaurant which is the spitting image of the location of the knife fight in West Side Story, the only difference being that Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix was blasting out which is always a welcome aural pleasure

So to Mad Max: Fury Road and my thoughts are all positive as one would expect, just from watching the trailer (handily placed below).  I won’t give away spoilers, not that there is much of a plot to speak of, what there is, is done well but this film is all about the action.  Before I get onto that though, a word on the world which is strikingly presented as bleak (yet sometimes beautiful) and apocalyptic, peopled with ridiculously over the top bad guys who the viewer can’t help but love to see on-screen

The vehicle designs are fantastically presented in a suitably souped up beyond sane way and it’s from there that the blockbuster action comes into its own and what a ride it is!  It’s high-octane, excessive and relentless, each scene is a frenzy of things happening in stunning ways with some nice nods to its 80’s roots.  The action though has a point, thinking about the reasons why the events happened as they do, reveals many reasons for the characters choices and motives, which is all the more impressive with such a lack of dialogue.

There has been talk of this being a feminist film which it is, that being the logical way to go with the franchise, one would imagine but what it does is treat the audience as intelligent and doesn’t force anybody to sit through a heavy-handed lecture.  I think its fair to say that many things have been ruined by a preachy motive in various media, not just feminism though I hasten to add.  This film is subtler than that, if you care to think about it. Even if you haven’t seen a Mad Max film before, it’s well worth a watch, it’s a great action film with plenty of depth to it and many impressive set pieces, it’s two hours of awesomeness that tired me out so much that I needed a nap after.



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34 responses to “Musings, Ribs and Mad Max: Fury Road

  1. gargoylebruce

    20/05/2015 at 10:31

    Why is that man wearing a garden fork on his face? Your bus seats look quite comfortable.


    • Ste J

      20/05/2015 at 10:32

      I thought the face fork was all the rage down your way? The seats are comfy but it is a forty minute trip and with the weather even bus companies don’t want us any grumpier.


  2. renxkyoko

    20/05/2015 at 10:31

    They’ve been showing trailers of this on TV. Hmmm, not the type that I want to watch,though I do like apocalyptic stories. ( I don’t like Fast and Fury, either ) Is there something like Netflix in UK ?


    • Ste J

      20/05/2015 at 10:35

      We have Netflix over here, it’s not half as good as the American version though. I watched the first Fast and Furious (under protest) and have no idea how they can be as popular as they are, there are more layers to this one but as a barmy action movie, you can’t go far wrong with it.


  3. shadowoperator

    20/05/2015 at 13:29

    I saw the preview of “Fury Road,” and it doesn’t seem like my sort of film. You said that it was a feminist work, but frankly, in the preview I saw, there wasn’t even a female character; I have to assume that she or they turn up later. Now, down to the most important thing: bacon. I like bacon, although I’m not allowed to have it now because I’m back on the wagon of my diet plan, but what exactly is a “bacon cob”? There’s a pizza house now here in the States, I think “Little Caesar’s,” which advertizes a thick pizza covered with pizza and pepperoni, and lined all the way around the sides with crisp pizza slices. Even though I know it would be as salty as hell, and terrible for me, I salivate like Pavlov’s dogs, on command, every time I see the commercial. So of course, a “bacon cob” sounds intriguing. Do tell!


    • Ste J

      20/05/2015 at 20:47

      Charlize Theron is more prominent than Max believe it or not. It is interesting that our tastes in films differs so much when our literary tastes include a lot of the same things. Well the thing with a bacon cob is not so much the actual meal which is after all just bacon chucked into what is essentially a burger but nicer bread, softer and…just right. The real controversy lies in the word cob, depending on where you go in the country it could also be a bap, batch, barm cake or a roll, there is much tension over this issue, even though cob is blatantly right. I’m not a fan of pizza so don’t share your emotion over the ad, I know that makes me weird but I do like to be different.


  4. clarepooley33

    21/05/2015 at 01:36

    My husband calls a cob/bap/batch/barm cake/roll etc a bun! I was brought up to call them rolls or baps so bun is wrong to me. A bun is sweet eg Chelsea Bun. A bacon cob sounds good – nice difference in texture.
    I have the same problem as you when trying to buy books. Very rarely do I find a book I have gone in to a bookshop to look for. Second-hand bookshops often have a better choice of the more obscure titles and one local second-hand bookshop even searches out books for customers though this is not usual, as you would agree. I like reading travel books and natural history and bookshops often have quite a good selection of these. Most bookshops can’t afford to keep a large stock of any type of book let alone the more obscure ones sadly.
    I haven’t watched any Mad Max films before though I have seen trailers on TV. The strange vehicles and buildings, the odd characters and their costumes are quite appealing I must admit, but I hardly ever watch films and never go to the cinema (last time was 10 years ago I think). We went quite regularly when we lived in Somerset for 18 months 2004 – 06 as we lived near to cinemas.


    • Ste J

      21/05/2015 at 07:56

      I’m not a big cinema goer either, I watched possibly two films at the cinema last year and that was it and none since April last year but I was glad I came back to the cinema for this one, it’s just mental for two hours and that made me very happy.

      It’s strange how a simple thing like a hunk of bread can divide a nation, lol, I went up North once and they asked if I would like a barm cake and when I asked what one was, I must have appeared thick, especially when I exclaimed oh a cob! on seeing it haha. I do like second hand bookshops for finding obscure books, there are a lack of good ones around my way, meaning a trip via bus into Derbyshire, unless I plan to move to Hay-on-Wye that is. I prefer to support independent and second hand bookshops where I can, which is why I hold out hope of finding the books I want there rather than the internet, that and I like to vet the condition of the books I buy first. I love a good travel book as well, although am yet to come across any Polynesian examples, except for Thor Heyerdahl of course.

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      • clarepooley33

        21/05/2015 at 16:59

        You always provide me with a laugh for which I am very grateful! I was very amused when I saw barm cakes for sale in a shop for the first time. Fortunately for me there was a nice tray of said B Cakes next to label with price so I could appear knowledgeable when I bought some. I thought Barm was short for barmy.


  5. Aquileana

    21/05/2015 at 02:03

    Very cool insights on Mad Max: Fury Road …. And it all seems to have started on a bus… judging for the beginning of your post… Really intriguing and enjoyable reading dear Ste.
    All the best to you. Aquileana 😀


    • Ste J

      21/05/2015 at 08:06

      It was originally going to just be a review of the film, in the style of a book review but then having time on my own as I so often choose to do allows thoughts of other things to seep in and end up becoming notes for something entirely different, I could have split the posts up but I already have too many ideas that I haven’t got time to write as it is. It’s nice to offer you guys some random insights from my overly clogged brain, I’m glad you enjoyed them.


  6. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    21/05/2015 at 02:41

    The movie lovers here are quite excited with the film and, I read some reviews singing paeans. I love actions and think, should give it a try this weekend… 😀 Will remember this feminist view while watching…. 🙂


    • Ste J

      21/05/2015 at 07:44

      Well this will certainly please your action senses, it is visually epic with all the stunts and ideas, envisioning all the set pieces must have been an epic task but it is well worth it for the visual treat. I hadn’t seen a film for a year since The Raid 2 so I’m glad I made this one my come back film.

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  7. Christy Birmingham

    22/05/2015 at 04:00

    I am glad to hear the film was intelligently done rather than preachy in the feminist department, my friend. The footage I have seen of the film looks intriguing!


    • Ste J

      22/05/2015 at 13:13

      I think militant and preachy feminism does more damage to the cause than a subtle and intelligent message. It is one heck of a ride and made me want to paint myself white but then again I always want to do that. I left a comment on your last post but it isn’t showing up, I’m not sure if it went to the spam folder as these things often do but if it has disappeared I can leave you another congatulatory and excitable comment.


      • Christy Birmingham

        22/05/2015 at 22:21

        Ohhh thank you for the congratulatory gesture. I searched the Spam folder but couldn’t see your comment – dang WP, being naughty! I hope it behaves itself soon. I appreciate you made the effort though! You rock, have I told you that lately? 🙂


        • Ste J

          23/05/2015 at 19:24

          You haven’t..but you have been busy lately so I will let you off, I am right nice like that sometimes.


  8. LuAnn

    22/05/2015 at 15:42

    Mad Max was playing while we were in Bishop. Now I wish we would have taken the time to see it.


    • Ste J

      23/05/2015 at 19:08

      I have a feeling it will be in cinemas for a while, apparently it took $44,000,000 on its first weekend. we hammered through the pop corn as it was one of those films that demands that happens.

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      • LuAnn

        24/05/2015 at 14:57

        A movie is just not the same without popcorn.


  9. Andrea Stephenson

    25/05/2015 at 20:25

    I must be one of the few people in the world who’s never seen the original so I wasn’t really interested in the re-boot, but sounds like it may be worth a watch. Interesting that your cob has caused as much debate as the film! Of course, when you get further north than Manchester and Yorkshire, you leave barm cake territory behind and get into ‘buns’ and of course our local speciality, the stottie.


    • Ste J

      26/05/2015 at 21:36

      It’s a confusing mess this bread business, it seems a lot more fraught fro comment than the film which is odd as it is so topical at the moment. The original film is a good indie film, the second one is my favourite, the new one is pretty stand alone though and if you love action then you won’t find many more better than this.

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  10. Sherri

    27/05/2015 at 16:43

    Are we talking Mel Gibson here? Or am I completely out of date? No, of course, not, he is not even mentioned these days in Hollywood is he? Still, glad you enjoyed the awesomnesss of the remake, although think I would have stayed in the pub truth be told. Apocalyptic never really did it for me, but I do enjoy a good action film. Maybe this would be something to watch on DVD when the boys come home to visit…


    • Ste J

      28/05/2015 at 11:41

      Recently Mel was in the ridiculous (but good fun) Machete Kills and it is rumoured he will return in Machete Kills in Space so here’s hoping for that one, Braveheart it ain’t! Normally apocalyptic films are all gloomy but this one is visually so much more inventive and you will love the action when you do watch it. I had to give the pub a rest in order for them to restock, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sherri

        28/05/2015 at 12:06

        I had no idea, thanks for the heads- up about Mel! I did enjoy Braveheart, I have to admit. Machete Kills (and in Space too?) sounds barmy, but he did used to make off the wall films sometimes, so I’m not surprised. I’ll take your word for it with the new Mad Max, especially as you say the action is so good and not so much of all that gloom.
        Haha…that was good of you to give them time to restock 😀



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