The Wuther of Elegiac Writings

Today something a little different, an Elegy from the perspective of Heathcliff – of Wuthering Heights fame – as written by my mate Amy, who is soon off for a jaunt around Thailand.  Naturally I have been bullying her to get a blog so everybody can share in my jealousy as well as being nosy about the wonderful landscapes yet to be discovered.   I trust you will all have an enjoyable weekend.
The end is never far from the beginning but
my love lasts for eternity.
I can feel him take your delicate touch, your distance gaze, your soft tresses.
My heart weeps as he carries you, lifting your soul to heaven
so hastily.
Before our time.
To see a part of you so alive yet so –
hanging like a thread, angels overhead,
my tragic love. No words can speak the pain my heart bleeds.
Beside you, your silent guard. A lover’s lie, watching over your every pulse.
Yet, what is love? You ruined ours for an ounce of shame.
The distance echoes the bells of Gimmerton, ringing, ringing…
Down on one knee I fall, for sorrow, not gesture. Until we meet again,
I’ll wait amongst the green for a soft word, or two. I’ll wait forever, my Cathy.
For you.

You were once the red rose of my beating heart, never a petal shed.
But now the led at the pit of my stomach. Sinking, sinking…
As the earth swallows your soul I feel a spiteful remorse, a knife to the heart.
I am a stain on your name.
Your restless daze bit into my life like the whistling wind, a breath of fresh air, oh!
The memories.
Sweet reminders before my life went as flat as the grounds we met.
Your hair was soft like spun silk, skin so pale like milk and honey,
But your beauty pervaded with a melancholic stare.
I longed to hold you.
I longed to caress your body and soul and every goosebump and fingerprint,
but he stood in my way. I could barely look at you.

He held us apart.

Oh Cathy! Oh my life! How can I bear it!
Those endless kisses I bestowed on your cheek, kisses like coins,
that day we were millionaires. But then you burst into flames, a phoenix,
a tirade of sorrows and anger and lust.
A pale white in absence of a rosy flush.
You said I killed you, I broke your heart!
You broke your own.
How dare you wish such suffering on me Cathy?
Don’t torture me until I’m as mad as yourself!
You own my soul; death is my enemy.
Your fragile frame convulsed by shudders, your bones were crystal, bewildered eyes,
I feel you fall so limp in my arms. Your imprint will remain forever on my heart and body.
Tears don’t fall, they melt inside me, my heart a blazing furnace!

25 Replies to “The Wuther of Elegiac Writings”

  1. Do you know, I’ve never read Wuthering Heights. I certainly intend to. At some point. And when I do I will return to reread this post with eyes that aren’t misted by not-having-read-the-bookism,


    1. I like to see Amy’s work as a teaser for the book, I shall hold you to your promise and wait for you to read it, it has the best use of impenetrable Yorkshire accent ever and if that doesn’t entice you then nothing will.


      1. Well indeed! I’ve always thought Wuthering Heights had a certain comedic ring to it, but I imagine there’s not much comedy in the book. Apart from certain accents.


    1. I shall duly pass that on and also badger her to come on here and take her plaudits as well. I have told her to get a blog so with all this enthusiasm she’d be impolite not to.

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  2. OK…wow! What beautiful imagery—the metaphors and similes. I love them all, but this was the first to really stick:

    “You were once the red rose of my beating heart, never a petal shed.”

    I’ve never read Wuthering Heights, but have seen the movie, though not in full. Thanks for sharing it, Ste J…and Amy the Traveler 🙂


    1. It does make me reassess how I read the book, I was as enthused but sometimes the actual book is not as interesting as the words inspired by the original…


  3. Wow….Wuthering Heights, one of my all time favourites, and I adore this book cover. Wonderful poem by your friend Amy…she definitely needs to have a blog…


    1. I keep badgering her to come on but us retailers have precious little time to get everything done at the time of year, which reminds me I have to go visiting soon…I wasn’t a big fan of the book, (except that Yorkshire accent), maybe one day I will reread it in a better frame of mind.

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    1. I do enjoy showcasing the work of others, I have worked with Amy for three and a bit months and have only just discovered her words. Shame on me!


    1. I hadn’t heard this version before, I like it. The book itself did not grab as much as the song but I think it will need a reread as everybody seems to rate it highly. Have a great Christmas my friend!!

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  4. Beautiful poem!
    As an aside, we had the above matched set of Random House Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre in our library when I was a kid. The gloomy, passionate woodcuts stick in my mind to this day. Finally, after years of looking at the illustrations I finally read Jane Eyre and found the story far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Ste J.


    1. I love it when a blog post has layers I couldn’t have envisioned when I wrote it. I bet that set looked magnificent and any accompanying illustrations that gets somebody to read a book is a fantastic bonus!


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