Where One Reads

Here is me on the excellent Letizia’s site, if you arent already enamoured by her words then you must go explore her awesome blog.

reading interrupted.

Whenever I receive notice that Ste J from Book to the Future has written a new post, a smile comes across my face.  I know that I will either be introduced to a new book or revisiting an old favorite.

But it’s not just that he discusses books; it’s how he discusses them.  He loves books – tattered secondhand ones, the great classics of our times, pulp fiction, obscure ones on cartography, and he describes each reading experience through his unique wit and style.

I asked him if he would be willing to write something for my blog about where he reads as it’s something that always intrigues me about his posts.  Much to my delight, he agreed. Here it is:

provided by Ste J of Book to the Future provided by Ste J of Book to the Future

Before it gets too cold, I thought I would try my hand at reading in a church yard, which is…

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11 Replies to “Where One Reads”

    1. The pleasure was all mine, it was wonderful to have such a good prompt that allowed me to flex my brain bits. I did try to be a little more thoughtful than usual as your style is so good, I wanted to try and compliment it.


  1. He not only gives us good books to read, but ideas for where to read them 🙂 *sigh* wish we had a nice quiet pub near us.


    1. Books are a bit part of the reading experience but the accompanying nature of the experience is like a science to me. Perhaps you must quest further afield for a pub tha would suit you…perhaps some big island in Northern Europe perhaps by which I don’t mean Spitzbergen.


      1. Maybe the Robin Hood pub in Nottingham-if they have one. We had a Robin Hood pub and a Maid Marian café right next to one another when I was a kid.


        1. I don’t think there is a Robin Hood pub, or if there is it means I am not drinking out enough! There is a Maid Marian caff though, it does nice bacon sandwiches and is close to the City ground, if you fancy taking in the football.


    1. It has taken years of giving people headaches from the way I put together sentences that has led me to bringing something good to people. I am a little overwhelmed that people like my words still but it will be spurring me on to write more, although some free time would also be excellent, if Santa is listening.


    1. Welcome! I did giggle at the photo when I was hunting for something to entice readers in. It’s always great to meet new people and I know you have taste if you are a follower of Letizia. I shall be over to your blog shortly and I may bring a bottle or at least some Jaffa Cakes.


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