Good For a Laugh

I refute that this is a lazy post, it is actually a carefully planned post where I have spent literally minutes collecting together some short YouTube comedy clips with which to – possibly – amuse you…on another note, I have had word of an annoying voice advert that has been popping up on the blog, has anybody else encountered this?  Rest assured I am looking to poke the problem with a stick.

A classic:

Historical realism from Lou Ferrigno:


And finally…


13 Replies to “Good For a Laugh”

  1. Oh, Ste J, the Four Yorkshireman! LOL NEVER saw that one. How fantastic! lol

    Hercules—oh, man, couldn’t be cornier.

    The fake moonlanding is great, too 🙂

    And I would hate to have had a mirror near me to have seen the expressions that completely distorted my face watching the mother/son thing! Dear God!

    So, after all that—I’m VERY glad about the Monty Python skit 😀 Thanks!


    1. That mother.son sketch does have me giggling just thinking about the big reveal, I do enjoy a whimsical sense of humour I must say.


  2. Okay, the gents conversation was hilarious and I know the Hercules bear scene wasn’t supposed to be humorous, but it is definitely LOL silly. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen the movie, but I wouldn’t swear to it, as I’ve seen so many Hercules movies. Fun stuff, Ste J. Thanks for adding a little laughter to my morning. 🙂


    1. Oh, I forgot. I have not heard any voice ads on your blog. My hubby gets these a lot on a sports subscription site when he’s watching. You’d think for what they charge they wouldn’t have voice ads during a game.


      1. Well it is World Smile Day today according to this ‘ere wonderful blog I am glad you haven’t been getting the voice ads, they are annoying, coming up and talking at me, especially when I open a bunch of windows at once and have to spend ages checking which one the advert is on.


    1. I enjoy humour that is a bit different, I find some of these comedies very predictable these days and not at all funny…even in having a laugh I like to analyse it.


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