For Those Who Create


For Those Who Create…From One Who Reads

Suspended in this limbo
I choose to look deeply into the heart
Seeking your soul
this layered world established in intricate rules of delicate complexity.

The labyrinthine nature of density ensnares and inveigles,
deeper in the journey taken, is the roused traveller
on footpaths unseen and unfamiliar, yet innately known
the imprint of transcendence.

Inward images reveal the world outside,
Perception once unknown, now recognised with ill disguised vigour
All is…forever changed,
cognisance complete

37 Replies to “For Those Who Create”

  1. This is the first poem you’ve written that I’ve found. I actually had to read it twice, thrice, each time the deeper meaning pulls me in another direction. I love it. Exceptional, Ste J 😉 I shall have to find more of your poetry 😉


    1. I don’t have a lot of examples of my words but there is some in the poetry and my writings categories on the side bar. I did spend a little time crafting this one, I wanted it to be as layered as what I read on blogs and in books, giving more than just a superficial message. I am glad you like it, I am a poetry novice compared to your 30 posts a day, lol. Thanks for the reblog as well!


      1. I love the layers 🙂 I need to learn to spend more time crafting. I tend to write what comes and thats that, with little alteration. I will definitely be reading more of yours …since I need to do more reading anyway 🙂 Always happy to share that which inspires me 🙂


        1. It is impressive, you can write with little need for alteration…that is something I just can’t master. Yay for reading, I should be giving away baseball caps with Reading Posse written on them.


      1. I’ve been known to write poems, but they’re not true poetry (technically/strictly following meter, rhyme, etc.), but I intend to share on my blog at some point. Yours is beautiful. A whole other level above and beyond what I write, so yes—I appreciate and admire when language is used so beautifully, especially with some kind of symbolism. Yours is “slightly” cryptic so I can handle it. When something—ANYthing—is written too cryptically, I glaze over and pass it by…


        1. I tend to freestyle as well, sticking to the rules is not for an intrepid maverick such as myself lol. My words this time were a celebration of all the people who creates words and ideas that capture me and lead me to explore their worlds. I never was much good at the cryptic crosswords either.


    1. Thanks for the reblog. I don’t do shallow, well apart from some of the easy reads I enjoy…words make the world go round and it was high time I got a poem out as I am sure many agree.


  2. You are indeed a poet Ste – this is beautifully written and I adore the use of the word ‘inveigles’. For some reason, I keep going back to it. Love the ending too.. .’Transience….’
    I feel as if I’m reading a book with you as I read your poem. Does that make sense? Love it…


    1. I’m glad you like it, you know it applies to wonderful blogs as well as books. The last line, I did look at for a while wondering if it needed something more…some sort of closure but I think leaving it open worked better. Inveigle seems to be a big hit, lets get it back into circulation!


  3. This is good Ste J, I mean one of your best words ever. You have to keep peeling the words off to discover the full meaning. That means you’re a poet cum writer cum reviewer. I love your versatility my friend! Great job!!!


    1. I think one breeds the other, I read and learned to write by thinking and from then on I have gone onto dabble occasionally into poetry. I’m glad you like it, depth is good, especially if you are sadistic like me and like to make your readers work, mwahahaha. It is thanks to yourself and everybody else’s support that keeps me writing. So thank you!

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  4. With your ‘creativiy’ you have inspired me to venture into the world of rhyme….. Have you read Ivanhoe yet?

    Now I’m reading Ivanhoe,
    but progressing is very slow.
    Tomorrow it will be apparent,
    what will happen to this knight errant!

    Yellow hair’d, the blue ey’d Saxon came.
    In truth no one knew his name.
    Pligrim, palmer, guide or gentry be?
    That is what I’ll have to see!


    1. I haven’t got around to reading Ivanhoe,
      I shall have it so I’ll give it a go.
      Being blessed with so many books,
      all of which, in me, they get their hooks.

      I look forward to reading it though,
      it’s always nice to dip my toe,
      into great literature of the past,
      One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a blast.


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