Spacial Awareness




The encapsulating glow of the forever firmament
Our awe at looking deep into the universe’s soul
The playground of distilled wonder
Comprehension can only be guessed at.
In these heady times of scientific journeys
\the vastness in the artistry of imagination, compromised
Conservative thoughts have no place here
Divine rules shape the ancient.
Literature and film accompany us in our fantasies
Far flung, an Odyssey in the deep of space
Searching for answers to the celestial questions
Far from home.
Earth is our spaceship
and we reside, tenuously clinging
feeling out our place in the Grand Scheme of this macrocosm
We, so small, yet vast and endless in our dreams…

41 Replies to “Spacial Awareness”

  1. Great poem Ste J. And to think, some people are conceited enough to think we are the only planet with life on it. Billions upon trillions upon quadrillions – and what ever five and six are – of planets, natural satellites, rocks orbiting stars and we are the only one with life? Hey, we aren’t even indigenous to this planet


    1. I had the first line sitting in my phone for ages but was struggling for one word that would complete the sentence and set me off for the rest. I think the whole universe is so inconceivable that I’m just happy to point and laugh at it. I do like that we just hitched a ride on this planet and wander around aimlessly, probably the same as every other sentient race out there. It is a universal language, cluelessness.


      1. Very much so. There are so many different species across the universe that if we were all on one planet, humans would probably kill everybody


  2. Yes. The vastness of the universe, our non-central place in it as specks in an incomprehensible world – it demands poetry.


  3. I like it! The last line makes me want to fade away into the world of dreams right now. It can be so interesting there. Thank you for sharing your work.


          1. LOVE Laurel & Hardy, and Abbott & Costello, and Batman & Robin, and…just sayin’ 😀 😉

            Laurel & Hardy: https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=vmFhd8_kGSI

            Abbott & Costello: https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=sMXgvAGbQGg

            Best of Batman & Robin: https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=RLZQ3OLEJWE

            Holy **** Batman!: https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=kkPlk1T1Rjg


  4. I love your book reviews but there is a budding author and poet inside that is itching to get out! I say let him out already. 🙂


  5. ‘…and we reside, tenuously clinging…’ I really, really like this poem Ste J. I used to write poetry (the angst-ridden stuff of teenage years) and dabbled over the years but it’s only since blogging that I’ve started to write again and – shock, horror – shared some poems on blog. Scary stuff that!!! I’m always aware that because poetry is subjective it isn’t for everyone and so when even one person reads anything I write I’m truly amazed! But I don’t like reading a lot of poetry for the simple reason that I just don’t get it!! Anyway, sorry to go on, but this I do get and it really grabbed me. What/who is really out here? Your last line says it all… ‘We,so small, yet vast and endless in our dreams….’ Love it 🙂


    1. It is scary to share, I agree. I tend to not post to much of my own poetry on here, usually because I am devoid of ideas most of the time. Subjective poetry makes me happy because then I can just agree with all the clever ideas people see in my words, that I obviously meant subconsciously…although sometimes I do have good ideas, possibly. The last line was easy to write though because it was so epic…I have those sorts of thoughts a lot.


  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again: you should write more poetry, for what you do write is so very good!
    This poem made me think of Earth and for all its expansiveness, it truly is just a tiny part of the big picture.
    It suits you. Sci-fi fantasy meets reality. Your words reign divine in poetry, my friend. Write more.


    1. The words don’t come as easy for me as they do for you when it comes to creating my own poems, but I do keep writing down words and moving them around and paying with them.

      Ideas should come easily given the way my brains work but they don’t strangely…I will continue to keep plugging away though and concoct more perspectives…when that dam breaks!


  7. Your allusion to Earth being our spaceship adds a novel and delightful interpretation to the great scheme. A beautifully exposed poetic Odyssey; well done.


    1. welcome to the blog! When I think of us floating around our small pocket of space, I like to think of us like some sort of damaged USS Enterprise with a dodgy port nacelle. Odd thoughts make for decent ideas I always find.


  8. Brings to my mind “What a Piece of work is a Man, In form and Moving how express and admirable.” Of course, you had me at the picture…Space and all its Wonders, Spiraling Eternally for our Dreams. Powerfully Beautiful Poem 😉


    1. Any thoughts of space always get me inspired and happy to wander the infinite playground of life. It’s always a good fall back plan as well for when I am empty of good ideas.


      1. Astronomy has always amazed me and all the images coming to us now from the Hubble and other such simply send my Imagination reeling. The Cosmos…Our Celestial Garden of Dreams 🙂

        We should write a collab about it 😉 whatcha think???


        1. It is epic beauty…I wonder what a telescope facing us from light years away would reveal about the picturesque part of cosmic neighbourhood that we are in.

          A collaboration could be interesting…especially if the word erinaceous is involved.


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