23 Replies to “The Day’s Travails”

    1. Why thank you, I do hasten to add though that this is definitely not a filler post in any way but a carefully crafted piece of amusement that cost thousands of pounds in lighting, wages and scripting etc.


  1. A new pillow for the bed or couch? A computer screen cover? A laptop bag? HONESTLY? I can only forgive you because it’s got deep pink stripes. And then again….


  2. I was wondering when you’d cotton on to the idea that this blog could benefit from a regular pattern. (Geddit?! Teehee! Although I admit that it actually looks more like flannelette – but I couldn’t work flannelette into a pun)


    1. You sir, are to punny for me and try as I did for at least three minutes to find a flannelette pun on one of the less well known search engines I came up with nothing…still that’s probably for the best.


  3. I think the stripes would look better if they went up and down, rather than across.
    LOL you’re such a goof, Ste J ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. I think the weekend is probably to blame, people winding down and all that, I am sure you will get more likes the longer it is out there, I shall be over shortly to cast this eye (and the other one as well) over your words which I like better than socks.


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