Suppauthing the Community

What ist das?  I hear you asking about the title, well I am proud to be a supporter of authors and being lazy I combined the words and then neatly ignored that I was writing this sentence to tell you what it is thereby rendering the whole thing pointless.

Me looking as radiant as my appearance allows.

Within the last year or so and most noticeably in the last few months I have had the opportunity to read some great books with more in the to read box, so if you haven’t already had a gander, or you fancy something different and want to support some jolly nice authors take a look at these fine authors and their respective back catalogues:

and coming up in the next month or so, reviews for:

  • The Cage Legacy  – Nicholas Conley
  • Two Roads – Kirby Roy III
  • Smokescreen – Khalid Talib
  • Addicted to Dimes – Catherine Townsend-Lyon

As ever any authors of words who wish to have their work shared is welcome to drop me a mail in the Contact Ste! Page, or indeed just drop me a line about anything.

23 Replies to “Suppauthing the Community”

  1. You need to change your profile pics on fb, twitter etc to this one, its the best one ive seen of u.


    1. Believe it or not, I’ve had this hidden since last May…I do need some more new photos of me…preferably less grumpy than my Facebook, Twitter, Etc, I will get something happy up soon.


  2. I’ve read three of your read ones and none of the to be read ones.
    Cydonia, The Shy Butterfly and Lena’s Story.


    1. It’s a fine mix you have there. I’m hoping to get fairly prolific from now on with self published authors, really make an effort with the wonderful and talented community out there.


    1. Excellent! This pleases Ste greatly…I forogt to mention I watched Graveyard of the Fireflies and it was a wonderful. Sad but really well done.


      1. You know, I’m not so sure anymore whether I gave you the correct title or not. is that about post WW2 Japan, with 2 orphaned kids, and the older boy later… you know…. * don’t want spoiler* It’s on the list of Roger Ebert’s Great Movies, believe it or not.


        1. It was the right one, my friend and if it had not have been well I would have loved the one I watched all the same. It’s refreshing to see a war story from a different perspective and one that doesn’t hold back and gets all your emotional responses flowing. I had to Google Roger Ebart…I don’t get out enough.


            1. it’s 10AM since you guys moved your clocks, the 8 hours equilibrium will be restored at the end of the month though. I need to get more into films myself…I’m compiling a list of obscure, independent or just generally thought provoking films…it will go well for my film week that is planned at some point in the future…


    1. I always look like a cheeky chappy when books are involved. Adorable is not a word levelled at me very often though, I shall add it to my CV in case I can get myself a book modelling job. Hopefully there will be plenty more to add when the next couple of posts get published and more importantly written.


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