Mind That Blog!

Having enough on just keeping up to date with the one blog, I perhaps am a little lacking when it comes to mentioning other such fantastic sites.  I can happily rectify that with news that my cousin, last seen over at rival space Blogspot has seen sense and come over here to join our merry band of whimsical thinkers and sometimes doers.


So what can I say that you won’t find more appreciation in discovering yourself…not a lot really suffice to say that Mr Evermore is indeed going to be a prolific and varied writer and if his early posts carry on as they have been doing, then there is going to be a whole lot of interesting and eclectic content coming your way.  So go seek him out here: The Mind of Evermore (and the Things Inside It) for a dose of awesomeness.

27 Replies to “Mind That Blog!”

  1. Many thanks for the generous words sir! To be featured on your blog, one that I have admired for a long time, is a great honour. I hope I can keep things as interesting and varied as your own excellent posts! Am immensely flattered!


    1. You have little choice but to keep up the variation, ha! I am mean. I often think I don’t mention enough other blogs so this is a good start that I mean to keep up. You are prolific and I mean to do my rounds today as your show is on as I type this so tomorrow I do will some catching up.


      1. Excellent! Your word is valued, and the quality of your posts are better than most people’s sex lives. FACT! Thank you for your amusing SteMails tonight by the way. You made us all laugh, and Tricia now wants a ping pong match…


        1. Great way to describe my posts, they are vigorously frequent to say the least and fairly lengthy, ha! I will take up the challenge of pong pong as long as we can watch Stallone’s version of Judge Dredd afterwards.


  2. Well – if he’s a cousin of the one & only cool SteJ – I must follow.
    Please don’t warn him of my weirdness. Maybe – he’ll think that I’m normal! 😉


    1. Normal, what is this concept of which you speak, I can’t make head nor tail of it so I will just quietly sweep it under the carpet. I have been called many things but cool is probably not the one of those terms!


    1. Always happy to introduce you to more eccentric Englishness with a dose of humour dryer than my Martini was at four in the morning, ha! I don’t drink that early of course, although alcoholics would lie and I’m not, I’m not in denial either but then an alcoholic would say that…anyway please take my word for it lol.


  3. I shall take a look at your cousin’s blog then. 🙂
    I hope that he’s as awesome as you are Steve.


  4. I am indeed up for some more awesomeness! Must run in your family hehe Glad to hear he has migrated over here and plan to go say hello and welcome to the awesomazing WP family! Kudos to you dearest sir for your uniquely enigmatic shout out for him! xxxxxx


    1. I like to leave a sense of mystery for people can explore. It’s probably good that you have given it a few days as C. seems to be inundated with comments and likes and such. Spreading the love through time and space, he’ll appreciate that! xxxxxx


  5. Thanks for pointing us in your cousin’s direction. If he is even close to your level of coolness, he will have much success. I guess I will discover this for myself as I am a new follower of his. 🙂


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