The Invisibe Papers – Agostino Scafidi


An Esoteric Fiction written as Third Person Interior Monologue, The Invisible Papers is a work inspired by various sources and subjects in the realms of Theosophy, Occultism and Philosophy. Without a story or even any characters this novel presents its own unique landscape to intrigue the reader. The offbeat plot loosely strung throughout this book from beginning to end will not only fuel curiosity but at its core is meant to inspire in the reader a certain air of self-reflection and meditation. Its particular application of Third Person Interior Monologue provides a universality where such an atmosphere is possible as well as making it comfortable to navigate through. The reader will traverse many different topics at an unexpected yet refreshing pace all which more or less fall under the umbrella of personal relationships and existential observations approachable by anyone who isn’t averse to self-awareness.

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As you’ve noticed from the blurb, this book is something more than your usual straight forward narrative, indeed it is an existential questioning of the foundations of human thought and most specifically the unique view of the individual person. Which makes is personal right from the off, I found it easy to get along with this layered monologue as at its core it asks those difficult questions that human kind has been struggling with for years on a personal level.

‘However if you look deep enough into anything, sense is always there to be made, wouldn’t you agree?’

The place of the narrator is to represent us, our innermost intimate voice, it’s a brutally honest, unapologetic exploration of life in all its forms and ideologies, self-imposed and otherwise. My initial thoughts of what I was reading was to believe this was an unrelenting and challenging read, possibly due to my inner distrust in distrust of things.

With the tackling of such subjects as who we are individually, an analysing of society and on the hypocrisy of the human mind in terms of our mistrust of society and each other. The need to not conform or integrate entirely within the inherent rules of said society but to keep that part of us which makes us exclusive. I found myself stopping periodically to just muse on the constant questions and views that were brought up.

Calling for a lot of self analysing and doing a bit of my own over this review, I realise that I probably paint a bit of a dark picture. This can be acutely probing work but it is well-balanced with a positive air, an encouragement to unashamedly live life as you want to. There is a lot of critical thinking and inquisitiveness to be had – sadly these days people just don’t get taught to think in such ways – and to work out what makes them tick and question their own motives..

Anyone who wishes to ponder, for a time, on life and the way we are as a society will have more than enough material here for a good few years. For this review I scrolled back through the pages and decided I liked this book even more than I thought I did the first time around. I put that down to the sheer amount of potential topics to while away those solitudinous hours that life deigns to throw our way.

This is a book of its time, at no other point in history have we been able to analyse ourselves and others with such a vast wall information and opinion that comes at us from all conceivable angles everyday. It is that overload which actually makes this claustrophobic piece of inner thought a relief. For anyone who likes to read undisturbed, what better way than to be alone with one voice (well two if you count your own) in your head.

25 Replies to “The Invisibe Papers – Agostino Scafidi”

  1. I love books like this, books that would make me ‘think’ (although I do that every minute if the day) and coming from you, it must be an interesting read. I’ll add it to my ‘to read’ list. Have a nice weekend my friend!


    1. Thinking is great…very underrated by a lot of people. I’m glad you added it to your list…I’m sure you will get a lot of self reflecting insights from it.


  2. Hello,
    I seen your name as taking a Peek at my blog, so I wanted to say Thanks! Do you ever read Memoirs or Autobiography? My book “Addicted To Dimes” is my Story touched by many traumatic events, and how I survived….insights of addicted gambling, living with mental illness, and being a abuse survivor. I also share success in my 7yr Recovery!

    I’d love to know your thoughts of my book 🙂 I’m a New Fan of your blog!
    Author, Catherine Lyon


    1. Hallo there, I will read anything except bad romance, I haven’t read to many autobiographies recently so am due for one. It sounds very hard hitting and insightful. I am always in the market to review it…if you wish to send me a copy I will most certainly do so, I say that as I am poor at the moment and have no dollar to indulge my book buying whims which makes me miserable, as you can imagine.


      1. I’d be happy to send you a copy. Send me an email with your address, and I’d be happy to send one in exchange for a review? email me at
        Thanks Much! *Catherine*


    1. Good news all round then! King is always good weekend fun, like a blockbuster film but in a book and is still nice with popcorn. The Invisible Papers is more the thoughtful indie film, if I may carry on this metaphor. A cult hit that is a refreshing read and deserves more attention.


    1. I know you will enjoy it and get a lot out of it thanks to your analytical and well read mind. Add it to the precariously high wish list.


  3. How very intriguing, both your review and the fact that I use the word intriguing too often when I comment on your reviews. Probably.

    It is fascinating though, to think of a book that directly, purposefully, has one self-analyze their place in their lives or the world they live in. I would most certainly agree that a lot of people wouldn’t take the time or have the inclination to do exactly that. If only because they were never really taught to think so critically…of anything…let alone existentialistic views.

    Of course, as per usual…you have again whetted my literary appetite to not only read this…but to ruminate on all of the big questions. You know…the ones that get lost in the mundane tasks of everyday life that keeps us all running…constantly. Which, in and of itself would be a good reason to stop and not smell the roses (it is winter after all lol)….but to read a thought-provoking book!! xxxxxx


    1. We humans are not really built for this world we live in, it doesn’t fit our natural instincts to live as we do so it is good to have those thoughts occasionally especially when they are stimulated by such books as this one. The lack of critical thinking in any field is unforgivable and the lack of it in the world these days are endemic.

      I am glad you are intrigued and intrigued so often…I do my best to keep you in fascinating books. Life flies by so quick that it is tough to get the time for such diversions as the big questions so books such as this are a healthy reminder to do so. Sadly the PDF I read had no scent of roses or otherwise. xxxxxx


  4. Sounds like a very thought-provoking read, which is always good to give the grey matter a bit of a workout. I have already ordered this one. Thanks SteJ. 🙂


    1. Fantastic news! It always encourages me to write more when I get a good response to my humble words. It is definitely the polar opposite of The Origin of the Crabs lol.


  5. Any book that takes me passed the fringey dress and lipstick on the pig of life and right into the meat and potatoes of possibly my very own existential core sounds like a must read. I say possibly because half to 3/4 of what’s deep in the crevasses of my gray matter is useless crud and the rest of it I try to avoid, out of fear of shadowy places…time to maybe unearth that stuff. In America, during the 80’s, there were these cassette tape commercials, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” That sums up my life right there! Great review. You have such strong vocabulary skills. Maybe a new section of your blog could be “word of the day.”


    1. I hesitate to tie myself to anything that regular or expected…I am best dwelling in the land of not knowing what I am going to do. Facing ourselves is all very interesting, this is more of a place in society and how we find ourselves adjusting to a life we were never evolved to lead. Definitely worthwhile if only to avoid complacency.


  6. Well, if I had to add the number of books you so diligently review to my list of to-be-read on Goodreads plus the whole shelf-crashing lot at home, it’s as good as me imagining myself reading all through eating, working, walking, sleeping, dreaming, brushing, bathing, and well.. you got the point, I suppose. Not that I mind but then I’d really turn into a zombie and maybe fail to recognize any bit of the not-so-sane world. Ahh! There I go again…


    1. I am mean and will attempt to keep piling on the books, sorry about that! It makes me happy that you read so much though, perhaps a little less working, sleeping and bathing and you’ll have a chance…but don’t blame me if it all goes wrong…I have books to hide behind.


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