Traveller’s Rest


Travellers Lodge, rest your weary head a spell

twilight wayfaring, abroad by ghost night

approaching witching hour with peace in sight

through the dark silence, bar’s last call…


a hot fire’s final knell

warm horror, in abundance flows

imbibing ale, thrilled by ye olde tale

legends told, over brimming tankards


of old walls, cold cells, imagined histories,

tales of spectres and rolling heads

scratches of imagined branches at window panes

a classic eve for chills to arrive and recede


creatures skitter and shriek outdoors

conjuring thoughts of long ago imagined phantasms

out there on the moor, where time stands still

until the dawn of cold day’s morn…

34 Replies to “Traveller’s Rest”

  1. Ohhh I so would love to have a drink there! Followed by a cooked breakfast the next day! Lol
    So warm and inviting, so jealous we have nothing like that where I live. Enjoy the day, hugs Paula xxx


    1. There are many places with character over in the UK, sadly not as many as the sterile, cheap price pubs are encroaching with their bland functional buildings that ruin any atmosphere. I would now like a pitcher of mead and a big hunk of meat I can devour and throw the bone to the waiting dog lol. xx


    1. a full English is the most noble of breakfast treats consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms and hash browns with a side order of toast and the obligatory cup of tea. Can you hear my stomach rumble now…lol. If you were of stout heart I am sure you would have a sound sleep in your hired room for the night.


  2. The only thing I don’t fancy in this thrilling song of yours is that you used the word ‘imagined’ three times. I love the evocativeness of the images..

    Hey, (completely unrelated) I forgot to mention – I have fixed the link! Now my name finally leads back to my blog.


    1. Th repetition was deliberate, I was conveying the way the mind works when in such romantic settings and wanted it also to be a pointed message that it is all imagined, even if it is fun. I knew you’d be the one to notice that…you have the sort of analytical mind that pushes me to write better.

      Great news about the link! Now people can seek you out and enjoy your thought provoking posts as much as I do.


      1. I understand the intention behind the repetition. I just think the idea can be better executed.. Maybe you could have used synonyms.. envisioned, for example.. visualized..
        So, when is the book to be published? I would love to have a poetry collection of yours on my shelf.


        1. I did play about with other words but I chose to retain imagined…it was an idea about a chiming clock which I didn’t really work with…for the word itself as oppose to the meaning stated in my previous comment. I appreciate your thoughts though, please keep them coming for I am always looking to improve my writing and of course my vocabulary.

          I would love to publish a book, I had a work of fiction that I have pushed to the back in order to write for the blog, combining the two is a tough balancing act. I will let you know when I get some sort of work out there and I do desperately want it out there in proper book format as well, like the old traditionalist I am.


  3. What a great night to spend somewhere spooky like that. Would love to do that.

    This is really well written Ste J. I like the way each stanza is a different stage. I love that you have brought this side of you back out again. I hope we see more of it.

    Great one.


    1. I don’t seem to get an idea I feel like I can run with very often so it is nice to get something that I wanted to work on. It seems like we Brits had a bit of a poetry day going on that day! We should synchronise more often.


    1. as I usually promise I am hoping to get the inspiration to be more consistent and judging by the post output for November, I’m not short on the writing front…I hope to have more for you soon.


    1. Ooo, I love the comment, thank you…I did want to mix up the feelings and conjure something that was both safe and eerie.


  4. Wow what a treat. A poem! And a it’s awesome!
    Is this a real or “imagined” place?
    It is a bit dark, but of the tranquil type, maybe a good spot to snuggle and sip a warm beverage or a cold beer or a whiskey sour.
    I am assuming that this poured from you while in America. Here’s to more!


    1. Yup, this is an all American inspired poem…I am happy that a poet such as your good self, with your grasp of imagery and rhythm likes this. The whole place is imagined in my whimsical mind. I think such a place as this has different associations for different people so I like the variations in feedback from people’s varying aspects.


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