Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife

23 Nov

Here we finally are in my odyssey through time and a bit of space to the current incumbent to call himself the Doctor.  This is my seventh post today, so I appreciate you guys for putting up with me all over your news feed thingys and email accounts and also and most importantly for reading, but I digress:  Matt Smith, the latest incarnation is a great actor but I didn’t really gel with his Doctor for a  good while, perhaps it was the script writing or maybe I was just in a constant irritable mood but the high points from his Doctor came in fits and starts I thought.

He had some cracking episodes though, don’t get me wrong: Vincent and the Doctor, The Snowmen and The Curse of the Black Spot were my particular favourites but this one gets the metaphorical (and physical, just so you know) nod as it involves the longest serving companion and featured in a new guise to boot.


Neil Gaiman – the writer of the magnificent Sandman series as well as stuff I haven’t read such as Stardust, Neverwhere, Coraline and many others – was the creator of this particular adventure and he chooses to deal with an often overlooked relationship hidden in plain sight but rarely addressed.

Happily with the highlighting of said relationship, we also get treated to a good dollop of humour, some awesomely sinister bits, pacy scripting and some rather good special effects as well as the odd blast from the past and who doesn’t love a good dollop of self referencing.

With such a small cast for this one, there is an intimate feel which is strangely at odds when set against the hugeness of the scope, with the distances crossed and the vastness of the TARDIS coming to the fore.  It’s an intriguing mix, taken with Smith’s acting range, which really shines through in this episode it brings to the fore the talent he has, more so than in some of the offerings of his reign.

This is a friendly episode, by which I mean it is good for new and old fans to sample and has something for everyone and shows the sheer spectrum of places a Who story can go to at any moment, within a fleeting instant the feel of the show changes and keeps you on your toes, which is always when modern who is at its best.

So there you have it, an episode from each Doctor.  I hope that my swift guide was of some help to your novices and brought back some good memories for the veteran fans.  I shall add more Doctor posts perhaps in another fifty years as I will have just about recovered then.  Apologies if some of my writing is moderately jaded, seven posts in twelve hours will do that to a chap.


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6 responses to “Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife

  1. Al

    24/11/2013 at 01:50

    Another excellent choice for an episode. Although one of my favourites is Angels Take Manhattan. Whether for the tear jerker that it is or the horror, I think it is brilliant and the acting of Gillan and Kingston are brilliant.


    • Ste J

      24/11/2013 at 09:55

      That Statue of Liberty idea made me a bit wary, the logistics of no one looking was just to mental to be fun, although there is a chance it could happen, like with anything in this mad universe of ours. I always like to read other people’s views on episodes I didn’t necessarily get to enthused about, it just encourages me to rewatch and enjoy with a new perspective and that is always good.


      • Al

        24/11/2013 at 12:04

        I sat down with my kids and watched Day of the Doctor as soon as they got in from their mum’s and they enjoyed it. There were definitely bits I missed first time around, and bits I specifically looked for this time. Not saying anything on here in case some of your readers haven’t seen it yet


        • Ste J

          24/11/2013 at 20:35

          Yeah, makes sense I am trying to avoid spoilers as well, we are so nice. I like the fact there was to much going on in the background to have seen it all in just one sitting. I know that I haven’t watched all the episodes it referenced so it will keep being new to me for a long time yet.


  2. RoSy

    24/11/2013 at 12:12

    I hope to catch a break between the holidays to start watching the show. I so need extra hours in my day…
    Right now I’m taking a beak from Sunday cleaning. And – when I say cleaning – I mean CLEANING. EVERYTHING & lots of it goes out the door. When I get in these moods – the fam knows to stay away if they ain’t gonna’ help or they will have to deal with the RoMonster!


    • Ste J

      24/11/2013 at 20:10

      I would help my friend…I would be the moral support! When you do have a an hour or two and have Netflix or one of those thingies they have a good number of Whos from many eras…I am excited for you to watch it now for I am right dramatic like that.



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