My Top Five Most Bestest Things About Blogging

10 Jun

300px-DrawingHands It has recently come to my attention that I am awesome and self-effacing, although only one of these statements is true, anyway I digress, the title says it all, now here’s the science….

  1. Made up words – The gift with which the blogger can change the world, Shakespeare made up a load of words and look at his legacy, I shall continue blaurumpting words and see if that makes me as magnifusalising as the late great Bard.
  2. Perspectives – I have been using this word loads recently…and then some. The gift of a different view is always welcome at my house and definitely makes for, not only a more well-rounded view of a certain subject and life in general but probably makes you more intelligent as well.
  3. The Plane Travel – Yes, the plane travel, for it is good form to go on a quest and meet these grand folk we chat too, it also gives you time to write and that is never a bad thing
  4. The Rampant Creativity – Many bloggers constantly inspiring each other into avenues and labyrinths of more eclectic, inventive and thought-provoking works is a wonderful sight to behold indeed.
  5. Real Time Critiquing – I tried this with the vultronically (Shakespeare again) awesome Christina.  To read and do a mini review on a soon to be published post is a great experience, you get to see how the author/reader reacts and get feedback straight instantaneously.  Well crafted comments are great but there is an intensity to doing it over Skype or whatever and reacting to the words and emotions of another person as and when they occur.  If you haven’t tried it, go do, it’s great!

On a side note, I have rewritten my About bit, just to make it more relevant and better written.



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22 responses to “My Top Five Most Bestest Things About Blogging

  1. evermoreevil

    10/06/2013 at 18:54

    Epic. And certainly true, especially in the case of Shakespeare. He was a nutter. And a genius.


    • StetotheJ

      10/06/2013 at 18:57

      Anyone who is a nutter, a genius and appears in Doctor Who has my vote for Miss England…no wait am I confused?


  2. aliceatwonderland

    10/06/2013 at 19:50

    I love the new words. My favorite is fuckballs, but I also like sadfaced and madfaced. I’m an English major, naturally.


  3. Bumba

    10/06/2013 at 20:19

    Correction: It’s Most Bestest things. It sounds more better.


    • StetotheJ

      10/06/2013 at 20:24

      Duely noted and soon to be amended. I shall be entering your ‘As I sat in the Bus thingummy tomorrow, whence the art of sleep shall have perfected my ideas.


      • Bumba

        10/06/2013 at 20:25

        Great. Have a good ride. And a good sleep.


        • StetotheJ

          11/06/2013 at 17:22

          Sleep complete, ride resumed, link sent, but sadly no bottle of beer to complete this hallowed quadrilogy.


  4. Alastair

    10/06/2013 at 20:46

    I have read your new magnifusalising About bit. Love the make over to it.

    I must admit, I will be meeting a couple of bloggers this month. Well, one definitely, hopefully a second. I’m doing it the easy way though. No flying for me.Looking forward to going to London though.

    I can imagine the real time critiquing … seeing verses change and coming out as excellent.

    I hope you are still going to do the reviews. I also look forward to new posts. If that boat is anything to go by, photography as well 🙂


    • StetotheJ

      11/06/2013 at 17:28

      Meeting bloggers is great and something everyone should do, two though, that is good going, hope you do get to visit the second. You’re building up to the flying…

      Critiquing a work, or part of work is great. Having to think on your feet and analyse something quickly is a great mental workout and to see the other persons reaction as you do it, is wondrous…it also helps you feel part of someone else’s creative process. It’s really rather intimate when I think about it.

      The book reviews will always be a big part of my blogging, now that I am getting good at delving into a good book it would be a shame to stop. I have many that I still have to doso they will always keep coming.


      • Alastair

        11/06/2013 at 19:56

        My kids want to go abroad at some point, although they are getting to the age where they can pay for themselves and … roger off. Although my daughter says “I don’t wanna flyyyyyy!!!”

        I don’t tend to have anyone do that with mine. I will sometimes leave it for a couple of hours and come back to it and seeing where I can change it.

        Glad to see the reviews will stay. Your wit with them is fun to read


  5. RoSy

    10/06/2013 at 23:30

    Those are five blogtabulous reasons to enjoy blogging!
    That was redundantly redundant. But – whet the hey 😉


    • StetotheJ

      11/06/2013 at 17:36

      I felt I was in Wonderland with that comment, it made me happy, a very merry unbirthday to you (to you).


  6. Cody McCullough

    11/06/2013 at 05:37

    Great post. I especially like the part about having time to write never being a bad thing, even if it is on a plane. That is very true.


    • StetotheJ

      11/06/2013 at 17:46

      If they put some decent films or music on the plane it may be a different story, or at least make for more excitable and vibrant writing. Turbulence makes the art of writing more dramatic I find as well.


  7. shiningstar85

    12/06/2013 at 07:29

    I love the different colours


    • StetotheJ

      12/06/2013 at 20:17

      One of the many things you too can do with your own blog….subtle hint.


  8. LuAnn

    13/06/2013 at 11:58

    I feel I am beginning to learn a new language since I began blogging and definitely learning more about myself, particularly through others’ writing. Interesting this blogosphere and fascinating the people you meet. 🙂


    • StetotheJ

      13/06/2013 at 19:05

      It definitely enhances verboseness being a blogger, self examination is a facet that has just become apparent to me, I am slow sometimes, so many different natures and views. The people are the bestest bit and we all get along as well…blogger convention seems like an even better idea now.


  9. jennpower

    18/06/2013 at 03:10

    My favourite thing is that you can explore so many different sides- food blogs, academic blogs, book reviews, parenting blogs, the possibilities are endless! And you can also feel free to explore- when I started my blog- it was just supposed to be a project- and now my teacher says that I’ve turned it into like a career.


    • StetotheJ

      19/06/2013 at 19:33

      You do write good! it is addictive this blogging malarkey. A career in blogging, sounds like a dream! It’s amazing how much stuff that I didn’t think interested me, now does thanks to these awesome people.



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