After a very snowy Friday evening, which saw me giving the last of my Christmas presents away, as well as sharing an excellent chip shop meal with Tanya, Kirsty and Adam it was turning out to be a good weekend.  Then with payday also upon me once again and a handy preplanned trip to Sherwood, Nottingham already arranged with another three very good friends, Tom, Loraine and Sue, I took it upon myself to arrive to arrive two and a half hours early to make sure I got a chance to have a thorough search around Geoff Blore’s bookshop.

As I have no doubt mentioned on a number of occasions there are many obscure books to be found over the three floors, but enough of my advertising, I have written of it previously.  Yesterdays haul consists of:


With a smattering of this also:


Having left Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons behind because I couldn’t remember if I already had a copy (don’t you just hate that?) as well as various other fascinating books, I then ended up also receiving a couple of bonus books from Lorraine:

IMG0004Lorraine thought that the cover would appeal to me and she was right, I have always enjoyed that particular font, so very well picked!

18 Replies to “Week(book)end”

  1. Very funny. i have a colin dexter audiobook not listened to before, on the shelf. have you read any of his stuff before? any good? i’m on palin’s new europe atm.


    1. I haven’t read any Dexter at all yet. I hope to get to it soon. How did you find New Europe, it wasn’t his best but after hitting the heights of the Himalayas it would have had to have been something spectacular to either equal or surpass it. He should have done the Silk Road as he originally intended to do a few years before.


  2. What a haul you had there! I’m afraid I only know Golding in those books. Anyway, I prefer buying books after a trip. I tend to overpack when I go somewhere so adding 2-3 kilos of books won’t help me charm my friends of lifting them the entire trip.


    1. Carrying books is a high honour though, it’s the feeling of having whole worlds in your hand. That is epic stuff. I hadn’t heard of some of these books either but I love that feeling that anything could be happening between the covers.


      1. You have a point there. I still have a lot of books to read – popular and independent novels. How many books did you read for January? I am glad to finish 15!


        1. Wow, I think I finished 6, now the pressure of reading 100 in 365 days has abated, I am now in relaxed mode. I will get back into it though. It’s great to see you flying along. I will try and catch up now.


          1. I think I could do a hundred, but I don’t like to be pressured reading books every 3 days. Good luck with your new quest and do know that I support you all the way.


            1. why thank you , I hope to find some more interesting books for you to read. It wasn’t that difficult to do a hundred, oddly. I will probably to do it again one year.


              1. Wow, good for you then! I am not sure if I can do a hundred this year – prolly not. I am looking forward to your book recommendations. Which reminds me, I am to read The Night Circus after I finished all my book reviews commitment for this month.


                1. I hope you enjoy it, the Circus is great, it’s like being wrapped in a huge duvet with a cup of hot chocolate. That is the best way I can descrivbe it, although I may have had both of those things with me when I read it…


                  1. I hope to read it soon. I am distracted at the moment. I started reading Obsidian, the first book of the Lux series, and got hooked! I finished the first book after a couple of hours, then started with the second right away. I am on the third book now. I am not sure if you will like it. It’s a YA paranormal romance story and almost all girls who have read it fell for the hero.


                    1. And I completely assume that you won’t. Anyway, it is a nice YA romance fiction and I love it!


  3. I just get so jealous when you go off and get to hunt in a bookstore like that, and some of the books you acquired, oh my! Lucky lucky you! I am happy for you however. Okay time to leave, didn’t disturb anything, took awhile finding the new place though!


    1. It was the lingering fragrance of perfume that gave you away as well as the phrase ‘Penny is great’ which seems to have got into my head overnight subliminally. The only thing that ever so slightly stunts the pleasure is when I abandoned some books happy in the knowledge that I already owned them only to discover I did not. Happily that means another trip in a month or two must be undertaken. I’m glad my choices met with your approval. Glad you found the new place as it has more room for books, and a cat, wave at the cat she likes that.


      1. You have a cat? I missed her somehow, sorry about that. Sounds silly but I think it would be a fun to spend the whole day(s) searching through a variety of bookstores, the older ones the better!


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