Pure Art

all-my-friends-are-deadBecause I am lazy and devoid of anything interesting to say today, I have decided to treat you to some book pictures, that I stole off the internet.  I have no idea if these are real, although I highly suspect most are not, anyway could you resist the temptation to buy them if you saw them sitting on a shelf?






22 Replies to “Pure Art”

  1. Funny images.
    Although All My Friends are Dead looks promising. lol. The Speeding Mullet…. You have to kill me first. Btw, someone has to research on who started this ” do”.


    1. I don’t think anyone would own up to starting that particular trend, I can only assume it was a Belgian, they go in for that sort of thing. I would love a copy of Speeding Mullet, it would take pride of place in my collection.


  2. LMAO – especially the dinosaur & mullet ones.
    I think I’d actually crack these books open if I saw them – maybe would even buy them.


    1. it’d be tough not too, they would make great presents too, so then you’d have to buy two copies, imagine going to a till with two Speeding Mullets, i think the world may implode if that happened.


  3. The Dino one is definitely real….Neal Shusterman’s one is actually called Speeding Bullet, although I like Mullet much better. He has also written one called Dreadlocks, so I think there’s hope for a Mullety follow up.
    Ruthven Todd apparently wrote some Space Cat books, but I am unsure whether said cat ever consumed fungi – of space origin or otherwise.
    Very cool titles 😀


  4. They look like the kind of books I would expect to see on your bookshelf 🙂 Along with many others of course. One day I am sure you are going to stumble across one of these these, they’ve entered your subconscious now.


    1. My fat fingers will reach for the books, with a look of ecstasy on my face and I will have only one thought in mind, ‘wait ’til Claire sees this’! I wish I owned them already, still yet another good excuse to go into bookshops.


        1. Apparently All My Friends Are Dead is an actual book, I shall seek it out. I thin that that is half the fun. It will be an indepth review, possibly my Magnum Opus.


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