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It’s has been snowing where I am, you don’t care about that because you are sensible decent people.  Unfortunately my Facebook wall is a sea of uninteresting snow comments, as opposed to just uninteresting comments that is the norm.I won’t complain here though, if I do it will through the ingenious idea of just blatantly spamming people’s Facebook walls with needless rubbish, instead of wasting your valuable time.


So here’s the thing, recently I have been writing, proper writing, not just putting ideas and such down, not only that but reading, not watching DVD’s as I had been doing because I have become slothful over Christmas and the new year,

The story is this, friend Chris comes back from Peru, says (paraphrasing here of course), ‘let us write something’ and then some other words that sounded good, I agreed.  we chose a topic with which to warm up our creaky writing abilities and transpired that Chris came up with ‘oops, I’ve lost my keys’.

Now for me that suggests a comedy slant, but without mentioning too much about the work in progress, I have somehow made my short story a ‘depressathon’,  conversely though, it makes me happy and I have seen enough scope in it for a full length novel, with a bit of research, a bit more humour and a few more layers of ideas.  I shall let loose more details when I flesh the thing out somewhat properly.

Other than that, I am looking to review more novels by you guys!  I have one in the pipeline and another that I am waiting to read, after that I will be more than happy to read and honestly review any books that you wonderful people have written and would like to get a bit more recognition for.  I offer a fair opinion and a blog that has a hit rate that has been steadily and constantly climbing since I started this blog proper last April.

21 Replies to “Novel ideas”

  1. It would be an honour if you could review my novel, ‘The Feet Of Darkness,’ It’s coming out soon, your blog is always brimming with great ideas, I wonder what you’ll make of my novel!


    1. I am certainly up for that, the novels are coming thick and fast (I have two to do now, so far). I shall email you in a moment and we shall sort something out.


  2. Sounds terribly exciting. I decided to start writing again today too. I have a few ideas washing around in my head, nothing novel-sized though, as of yet. Keep us informed!


  3. And I’ll have another for you eventually, Stephen. I’m getting held up at the printer’s, but when it’s printed I’ll send you a copy of One Life. If you care to review it, that would be great. Good to hear you’re writing. I’m reading an excellent book by Irving Wallace titled The Writing of One Novel in which he describes how he wrote The Prize. He writes very clearly, which is perhaps the most important skill. The story behind his research and the process of writing is interesting too. All the best


    1. I shall check that one out, i hadn’t previously heard of it but it sounds fascinating.

      As to a copy of One Life, well I would be delighted to review it, interestingly the standard of self published books I have read so far has been consistently high, so unless I have just been lucky with reading the small percentage by good authors, I see a bright and potentially very different book future.


  4. This may sound pathetic, but I haven’t seen snow. It is infernally hot where I live and we are lucky to have our temperature in 20~25C, usually in your winter time.

    I hope you will be able to write more and publish a book. But for the mean time, I am contented reading your reviews and stuff like this.


    1. I would love to be there when you first experience snow, I’ve never thought of someone not experiencing something that I take for granted (and shake my fist at). I’d blog about that definitely.

      If/when I do write a book I will send you a signed copy, of course. Until then there shall be many more posts and short stories coming your way.


      1. Hmm how could you be there? Unless we go a book trip together somewhere with snow haha. A lot of people take for granted what’s always with them. Other people haven’t seen the sun for days, but I curse Mr. Sun everyday.

        It would be an honor to read your book, and that’s not an if but a when you write a book. I believe in you and your talent. But for now, I’ll be contented reading your posts.


        1. Well it is certainly the spur i need to get something in print, something substantial and memorable or if nothing else, at least thought provoking.

          Sun? we get that for a couple of days around Wimbledon fortnight then it’s back to the perpetual rain. It would be nice to swap some sun for snow. We have way to much of it at the moment and there is a huge icicle outside my window that could impale a horse, if one was foolish enough to be looking into the downstairs front window.


          1. Well, you’d better do something about that huge icicle. Human mind never fails to amuse me and who knows? Someone might actually do that.

            I’ll trade a day of sunshine with an hour of snow. 🙂


            1. That would be great, melts our snow and gives you a new experience, that’d be perfect. I poked that huge icicle and it fell and splintered like at least ten mirrors. Which made me smile.


    1. It was your encouragement to keep taking it out with me that helped, that and sometimes I have one to many pints and anything goes with regards to ideas. Which doesn’t happen as frequently as you may imagine, I hasten to add.


  5. Oooo I cannot wait to hear more about the details of your book….I have nothing to offer for your always insightful, entertaining, educational, and exceedingly well delivered reviews. I will stay tuned in, ever so anticipatious…for some hints of what you’re working on! 🙂


    1. Since I posted this I haven’t really done much apart from second guess the whole project, I may have to do a rewrite or just make it less miserable overall, but yes you shall be kept informed. I appreciate your support and will virtual high five the computer screen to show my appreciation.


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