The Year That Was

Yesterday was indeed a day, a day that became a nostalgia fest of book based TV shows that I remember watching as a child.  I started and went on to view all six splendidly eerie episodes of Moondial (see the other days post for that if you haven’t heard of it), started The castle of Adventure and dabbled in various episodes of The Chronicles of Narnia.

so that’s the best start to the new year I could have had, that and the fine liquids I shared with a few good friends.  Other than that it’s been quiet, so here is my year in review that everyone else seems to be posting, because I haevn’t recovered sufficently to write anything proper.  just click on the picture to get all those vital statistics:

Being a proud pedant I shall point out that my stats were precisely 8750 for the whole year and 8694 since April when I recranked up this ‘ere blog.  My best day for hits came two days ago as well, which was nice and I weighed in with 145 hits that day, which made me happy.  Once again thanks for all the support I look forward to a great 2013 with you all.

24 Replies to “The Year That Was”

    1. And the same to you, my dear Boomie. I have been tardy but when nostalgia is involved I’m sure you can forgive me for not saying it sooner.


  1. Congrats on an awesome year and I hope that blogging in 2013 brings you even more success. 🙂


  2. Happy New Year! At least you spent the day healthy! I was sick until the afternoon of January 2nd. Clicked the photo and was sad to see that my name isn’t in the top commenters! Hmm. Must do something about it…

    For the mean time, I’ll look for those top posts you have for 2012.


    1. we met quite late this year but it will be great to be a star commentator and a major contributor to your blog stats. I hope you are feeling all better now/


      1. Just so you know, you were the sixth or seventh when I generated that report.

        Thanks for the concern. I think I pigged out during the New Year’s feast which upset my stomach. Argh! Hahahahahaha


        1. That’s what New Years is for, to make yourself sick and then break all your resolutions within a week. Ah i am so gutted to know, that I was just off your top five. This year though….


        1. It is an honour for you to say so, I seem to be on a blog binge at the moment so I hope to keep you entertained more than penguins falling over amuses me.


    1. It’s the first time I have been around this time of year to enjoy the stats, having said that I aim to be catching all the high flying five figure bloggers up real soon.


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