Piecing It All Together

10 Nov

Lester Freamon of The Wire, possible jigsaw fan, tells it like it is.

I like doing the odd jigsaw, not the ones with a lot of sky in though.  In fact I don’t mind those so much if there are different hues or clouds or an aeroplane or some such other item of interest to break the monotony of the mass of atmosphere that is just there.  I especially enjoy doing jigsaws that feature the Taj Mahal, but that is a personal preference and should not be used in a psychological profile of me. Just in case any of you doing profiling for a hobby.

Coincidentally enough, I tend to live my life based around the rules of jigsaw, not that I separate the corner pieces out first, although that may help in the long run, but would be rather time consuming.  I mean in the way that I interpret life. Each day we get bombarded with words and images from various media.  In fact noise everywhere, radios, TVs, then there are billboards, magazines, I-Pods and all that other stuff. Isn’t it all just a bit distracting?

The variety of references coming from every direction, does on the positive side always keep our brain active, I mean we have to filter that 90% of superfluous rubish out, all the celebrity news, throwaway pop culture and Saturday night TV.  There is however one stock TV phrase that always seems to pop up, most usually in shows that have some fantasy element and that is: ‘the world is more fantastical than you can imagine’ , which is all well and good until you remember you have work in the morning.

Not to bring this post down with a to cynical air, I am happy to add that this phrase is completely and utterly true.  I sight as my proof the huge diamond caves below ground in Mexico, the as yet undiscovered creatures in volcanoes or beneath the poles, the real location of the Greek Hades around the Bay of Naples or the Electric Brae – a place in Scotland where it appears cars can freewheel uphill, and so on and so forth.

So anyway back to my original point of the jigsaw.  Being such a voracious type of reader I often get that feeling when reading something that a name of a place or person strikes a vague chord, which of course means spending an inordinate amount of time searching for said reference and eventually finding it in a National Geographic from years ago.  I like that sort of bookish hunting, the thrill of the chase. The internet spoilt research, where is the thrill and frustration of backtracking through piles of paper when you can call up information in seconds?  Fair enough it’s always good to find out online whatever was bugging me after an extensive search but the fact that I puzzle out where that reference is and test my memory is a lot better than the actual answer a lot of the time.

At least three people I know have heard me say the sentence, ‘history is politics, is science, is religion, is the arts, etc’, and I like learning that way, making connections to obscure facts that I’ve sucked into my head over the years.  Even if it was from an Erich Von Daniken aliens created us book for example, which is always worth a read just to understand the madcap theories. Or perhaps I just like to have a wide range of reference points in case they come in handy for a pub quiz.

nonetheless now that I have forgotten the purpose of this post, which has turned into a bit of a free flow or random ideas I shall sum up with this, everything that happens is connected in obvious ways but sometimes the most enjoyment can come from connecting obscure things from random pieces throughout world history and having what I would would think is a completely unique view of the universe through these connections.


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17 responses to “Piecing It All Together

  1. LuAnn

    10/11/2012 at 16:16

    I was wondering as I was reading this if you did jigsaw puzzles online, which is what I do. I have never been to Jigsaw Gallery but will be checking it out. I believe the way you go about recalling obscure facts is better for the health of our brains or maybe I say that because this is what I like to do as well and I hope it is so. Great post Ste J. 🙂


    • StetotheJ

      11/11/2012 at 09:41

      I just borrowed the picture for the post but I went and had a go on a few sites as I knew I’d be in your good company, a quick go turned into three hours of obsession so now I am a fully fledged online puzzler, they are extremely addictive once you find a good one. if more people recalled obscure facts then they wouldn’t be obscure anymore so in a way I’m glad that people who recall them are in a minority so yes hopefully that makes us better ‘brained’ than other people. We could almost, possibly be like an esoteric MENSA, or maybe not, lol.


      • LuAnn

        11/11/2012 at 15:19

        For me, maybe not (lol). Glad you liked the online puzzles. They are quite addictive, aren’t they? 🙂


        • StetotheJ

          11/11/2012 at 19:34

          I would argue a bit to addictive lol, I could happily lose a good half a day n them before remembering the time only when I get hungry, which happens often even though i feel no compunction to eat most of the time.


  2. quirkybooks

    10/11/2012 at 23:35

    Congratulations, I enjoy reading your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award


    • StetotheJ

      11/11/2012 at 09:42

      Thankyou very much, I haven’t done an awards post for a while and it is high time I did so. Thankyou for the nomination!


  3. pennycoho

    12/11/2012 at 01:51

    SteJ. I am speechless. This is wonderful. Yep, all the difference pieces. Your review of his book is going to be a little different isn’t it? richer, meatier, full-bodied. You’re already leading into it, this is so very clever and YOU! The creative you! A happy camper here!


    • StetotheJ

      12/11/2012 at 15:03

      After reading that I may need to examine my review now, I may be my harshest critic but I don’t think it is much different from the rest, perhaps a little more considered. I hope it lives up to your expectations. I like your words though I may put this on my CV, with which I shall use for a big break into the world of writing words for a living.


      • pennycoho

        12/11/2012 at 16:45

        It is a very subtle difference. A little more of the reflective you than the cynical you. Your style hasn’t changed so much just the “voice” you’re using to project imagery through your words. I think that’s the key. If that makes any sense to you SteJ. It seems clear to me. 🙂


        • StetotheJ

          12/11/2012 at 16:52

          A lot of it I think has been encouragement from you fine chap and chapesses, that has helped me find the confidence to write and now I’m posting every two or three days the practise is helping no end. It does help that some very intelligent people (you know who you are), sometimes have more insight into my words than i do!


          • pennycoho

            12/11/2012 at 16:56

            I think inspiration and encouragement are great things for us all, but never forget who is the one putting the words on paper, after all!


            • StetotheJ

              12/11/2012 at 16:58

              I think I shall call it a team effort really, although any monetary return will I’m afraid, be mine to wallow in like a sleazy banker.


              • pennycoho

                12/11/2012 at 17:19

                Wallowing is a wonderful thing I’m thinking! Yes wallow away! Hey that sounds like a music group “The Wallow Aways”! lol


  4. Shiningstar85

    20/11/2012 at 18:31

    Very philosophical. I like. And so do many others by look of it and don’t blame them-got to be one of Your most popular posts?


    • StetotheJ

      20/11/2012 at 18:48

      It is the tenth most popular review of the last thirty days according to the faithful stats page which I don’t obsess over, honest! I have been thinking about it for ages but being of a slow turn of mind it never occurred to me to do a post on it until recently.



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