As I am nearing, or have perhaps just passed, depending on your view time, the 5000 hits marker, it is with extreme belatedness and somewhat embarrassingly late in coming, that I really, really should have said a huge thankyou by now, to you guys who have been supporting me and growing this blog into a +1000 hits blog a month. whilst I have no idea if that is a particularly good hit ratio or not in the grand scheme of things, it has impressed me and I hope to continue growing the site and improving this blog.

It’s mainly thanks to your own fabutastic blogs, that I have kept inspired to carry on posting and keeping up with all your wonderful musings this time around.  For some of you may have noticed that I did post 10 times between June and July 2011 and for whatever reason didn’t get much feedback from people I didn’t know, be it on my blog or the blogs I commented on.

This time around though something has clicked, I have been more productive and more integrated into the wonderful world of my fellow bloggers and I probably spend more time on average chatting to you guys (and guyettes) than writing posts. Combine WordPressing, reading and sleeping and it is amazing that I actually speak to anyone in the real world at all.

So thankyou for all of your comments, constructive criticisms and alternative viewpoints that help keep the integrity of my posts to a decent standard.  I hope to share in many more of your adventures and will be over the moon if you keep coming back here.  Any suggestions to diversify will be greatly received as will all comments, likes and er, the like. So thanks to all of you (but especially YOU).

As an added bonus, like the ones you would get on a DVD, here is some exclusive Ste J artwork which I just did in about two minutes, I call it Balloons Filled With Helium on a Breezeless Day in a Landscape Devoid of Interest.  Van Gogh I ain’t!

21 Replies to “Ta!”

  1. Congratulations on the 5000+ hits! Youpee! Here’s to 5000 more 🙂

    I always look forward to your posts – you’ve introduced me to new books and new genres of books (and, as you know, I’m a huge fan of your writing style).


    1. Much appreciated! There are plenty more on the way, when I get around to finishing a few that is. I have a bunch of varied books coming up as well which shall be better than my art work no question.


    1. I was unsure if it was colourful enough, hence the hastily scrambled piece from the Paint program. There’s plenty more random, obscure and classic stuff to come.


  2. “Combine WordPressing, reading and sleeping and it is amazing that I actually speak to anyone in the real world at all.”

    I feel ya on that one! Congratulations on an exciting milestone! 🙂


    1. It’s been a bit of a slog at times but I have been ‘in the zone’ for the last few months and that may hopefully continue. Roll on the next 5000!


  3. Good Morning, yes I am tiptoeing, I even removed my shoes, congratulations SteJ. Way to go! I, like the others, look forward to reading more of your writings (guyettes?). Be they book reviews, original works (hint, hint) or other. And btw, I don’t know how to share this with you but your quickly executed piece of art for colour is amazingly good. You would have been a big hit in the 60’s and 70’s as an excellent example of Minimalism. You nailed it. And it is returning again for another go in the art world! Okay so leaving now, quietly! I was tempted to make off with your original art it may be worth something someday, but I restrained myself!


    1. Yes guyettes, and you stand need to talk with your miasmocity lol. I would sign the original printout for you, but it is currently soaking up a load of Pepsi Max, I have no depth perception it seems. I think that is the only bit of art I have done since I left school, back when a computer had those two foot, literally, floppy disks. I will attempt something original when the mood takes me and hopefully it will soon, it’s the not knowing when that annoys me.


  4. Okay, true here SteJ. I like making up words too, lol. Darn, was hoping for the original. Hang on, the mood will show up when you least expect it. Probably in the pub! lol (meant in a nice comfortable and relaxed way) 🙂


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