The Fairground Prologue

A long time ago (yonks and yonks, to be precise), I wrote a short introduction that didn’t really go anywhere after I initially started it, but thanks to the inimitable Penny urging me to get creative, I have pulled it out of the old laptop, blown the metaphorical dust off, tidied it up and added a few words for your enjoyment. Although this was written a while ago and is essentially the same piece I like to think of it as the remastered edition, however I still feel the urge to cringe when I read it back, so go easy on me:

Flashing lights were blinding her, screams rent the air amidst the confusion. Pushing her way through the crowd, a sought after space suddenly appeared in front of her. She moved swiftly into cover and around the corner of a shack.

Leaning against the frame she took a breath and looked at the orange band around her wrist with something akin to vague recognition.  After taking a few more slow, deep breaths she realised her eyes were becoming more accustomed to the gloom. she began to take in her surroundings. Pushing herself off the dusty wooden wall she peered intothe gloom,  It was a featureless place that filled her gaze, an alleyway between two rickety buildings. After a while her thoughts ordered themselves. Who am I? The question that had haunted her since she woke. It felt like so long ago but in reality must only have been twenty minutes or so.

The sounds that had receded when she hid here caught her attention again, creeping slowly to the edge of the wall, she cautiously peered round the side of the building, unconsciously holding her breath. A thundering roar above her head made her instinctively duck, hands to her ears. She felt the tears roll down her face as she heard the screams again. A sense of helplessness set in. The sounds faded, her attention went once again to the background noises, a kind of roaring cacophony of waves smashing on long suffering rocks.

Slowly raising her head, she took up her previous crouching position by the wall, a vague recognition of the sight before her eyes flickered in her memory, though her brain felt inexplicably heavy. Taking it all in the bright colours, the huge metal structures, moving impossibly fast, the smells of food and the happiness, yes that’s what she saw happiness on the faces of children and adults alike. For one blissful moment everything made sense,  “a fun fair “, she laughed. Everything seemed alright, a place of happiness and joy, thrills and fond memories.

Only that wasn’t right at least not for her…



15 Replies to “The Fairground Prologue”

  1. Oh, I love it! But now you must finish it as you’ve got me hooked and dying to find out what happens next! You have a great writing style: deliciously descriptive, and in a few sentences a character has come to life, pretty great.


    1. I think I have myself hooked again, so I shall start writing again. I always considered writing a book, but didn’t have a good idea. But this seems to be getting a lot of love, so I shall have to blaze a path of words for my intrepid readers to follow, like some sort of African treasure map in the 1800’s. I always appreciate feedback, especially the positive. I’ll keep you posted on events.


  2. Yes! May the readers get to know more of her Steve? The orange band…the fairgrounds, I would like very much to read on, I am already captivated. Penny


    1. It’s strange I never carried on with this, having said that I had to rewrite a bit of it and add more descriptive words as it was a bit primitive, but having said that I am a lot better equipped and confident. The writing shall commence when I come back from Scotland, on Monday.


    1. Nothing like pressure hehe. Well I shall start fleshing things out this week and see where the idea takes me then I shall pop some more on here. Nothing like sharing a journey with other people.


  3. I love this. Mainly because you throw the reader off. The whole piece is setting up a terrifying world full of towering metallic structures and people screaming, making the lead characters’ amnesia even more horrific. The end of the introuction brings with it relief in a most pleasing way for the reader, but leaves us with that lingering discomfort of the situation the character is in. Why has she lost her mind? Who is she?

    All in all, a fantastic piece of prose. I want to read more!


    1. A lot of people have said they want to read more, so I will keep this one going. I really should have carried it on at the time but i will start planning something proper and get it going. I always feel in the mood, until that blank screen appears, then i have to keep saying to myself “it’s an opportunity”.


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