Stranger Danger

After four days of not reading, I got to wondering, do you really know the bloggers you follow?  No. Now I’ve answered that I suppose the time has come to rectify that with an introduction to myself for those of you that don’t know me (Somewhat belatedly as this may be, as I have been ranting on this page for some months).  The ideal intro is my About Bit, which I need to write better at some point and my (fairly) newly added Gravatar pic, the photo I think is the least unflattering photo of me that I have. But apart from that, there must be something to tell you that may interest you and some interspersed pictures of what I do to keep you entertained…..have a glimpse into my world and the crazy things that happen to me on a day to day basis…

Here I am photographed with a few chums talking about topical issues of the day.

I was once told that the way I form sentences gives people a headache.

I lack the strength to endure any Tim Allen film, except Galaxy Quest,  but I don’t tackle that often.

Here I am at the annual ‘Crowd Convention’, you can usually see us out and about, at sports events, demonstrations and all night raves.

I have danced to Dubstep.

I am more nostalgic than you think.

I don’t own a book of flags.

I do own a Dictionary of Saints. Today is the feast day of Sts Abdon and Sennen, St Olaf of Sweden, St Peter Chrysologus and also if St Tatwin.

So there we go, now you know loads of relevant facts about me. I hope you’ll all share some of your lives with me in return to for the pouring out of my soul you have just witnessed, and if anyone wants to know the feast days of any saints, just let me know…..

23 Replies to “Stranger Danger”

  1. Very clever. I also was neurotically reluctant to share my mug with the cyber-public and also didn’t have any digital photos on file, so wound up using the photo (below?) of my favorite movie star. But I think it’s a turn-off to most people (present company excluded).


    1. Yeah it does take a bit of the mystery away, my main reason was i can’t really master the simplest of technologies very quickly. I’m old skool when it comes to stuff like that. I see a car and I throw stones at it and shout witchcraft. But I digress, being out of any decent photos of me (although there are two more on the ‘net somewhere) I fell back on the tried and tested ‘humour’ that I have somehow possibly aquired, lol.


  2. You and your humor. Nice to finally meet you! You know a lot of things about me and our shared eccentricities. I have a few more that I’ll be posting this week such as:
    1. I hate writing in cursive. When it is necessary, I admire how chicken scrawls better than me.
    2. I associate things with numbers. I don’t know why.
    3. I don’t know how to cook! I haven’t experienced living by myself and when my folks aren’t around, helpers are there to feed me.


    1. Cooking is easy and fun, you’ll love all that experimenting, not to mention all those measurement numbers. I always imagined you to have a very nice arty style of writing. I need to learn more about you it seems, whish is always nice. It’s my newest hobby in fact. keep them coming.


      1. Cooking seems fun, but I am not sure if it will be the same when it comes to judging what I have concocted. I remember you mentioned about minced pie before and I would like to try it. 🙂

        Well, art is objective and I honestly don’t know if my style is artsy enough. I just write what’s in my head. If you see thoughts flying in a paragraph then you already glimpsed what’s on my mind for that particular second as I typed away.

        I am confused. Which is your newest hobby? Cooking or learning about people? Hehe


        1. learning about you, is my newest hobby and satisfies my nosy gene as well lol. It’s very intimate reading other peoples words, reading their thoughts which tend to be more honest than face to face meetings.


          1. *speechless for two seconds* Why, thank you! I don’t think that it is a sex-linked gene as I also share the same nosy nose business. I agree that reading others’ thoughts is intimate in a way. I usually write letters to friends because I like the way they imagine what I was thinking and feeling when I wrote that.

            Tea? I’m drinking pure green while typing this comment during working hours lol


            1. During work hours? Naughty! Letters are great, I used to write them but haven’t for years. I fear the art of letter writing is dying. I used to love the wait and the weight, the texture and scent of the paper. Ooo, that could well have started a blog post off there.


              1. Well, yeah. As long as I finished my tasks for the day, I am free to do what I want in my free time. That’s why I like this first job of mine 🙂

                That’s what I fear, too. Almost everything is going digital, even in postcards! I am like a child on Christmas eve eager to open my gifts (letters). Like you, I pay attention to the stationery used as well as the penmaship! And oh, the scent! I remember including pressed flowers in my letters sent to someone last year.


                1. Yet another thing on common to put onto the list. Pressed flowers, that sounds romantic, I would love to do that for someone, sadly my romantic days seem to have become nonexistent these days. it’s a dying art but I would love to get it back going again. Maybe one day retro mail will be in.


                  1. You did that, didn’t you? The romantic in you is on hiatus, eh? When I reach 5000 followers, I might send a few letters to my followers with those pressed flowers and scented papers.


                    1. Well I shall start encouraging people to follow you and comment. I hope to be in your top five for comments this year.


                    2. Oh dear! I still need 1800 followers for that to happen haha. As of the moment, you are top 2 commenter for my blog. And I hold the top spot. Haha. Thanks, Steve.


                    3. I like a challenge, in both respects, I haven’t been around your way for a while, I shall head over tomorrow. Missed you!!


                    4. I like challenges, too. I must make sure I will be included in your top 5 commenters. How am I doing so far?

                      Well, the feeling is mutual.


                    5. Yay! Let’s keep it that way, hmm? Fly along with me and my snowy white wings. *grins*


                    6. I’m right beside you in my bird of steel, which I have to peddle to keep in the air. If I’m not second to yourself at the end of the year I will be Mr Sadface.


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